Series List and Summary Descriptions

Series 1 Biographical - Personal
Publications, audio cassettes, correspondence, notes, draft papers, certificates

Includes biographical and personal information prepared by Ian William Wark, information on his association with CSIR/CSIRO, files on his various honours and awards, obituary notices, condolence letters to Lady Wark and a record of the memorial service.

Date Range: 1960 - 1985   Quantity: 24.4 cm, 26 files, volumes, certificates
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


Series 2 Early Period
Diaries, postcards, PhD, correspondence

Diaries, postcards associated with the diaries, PhD thesis and a letter to the editor of Nature.

Date Range: 1922 - 1932   Quantity: 8.5 cm, 6 files, notebooks
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


Series 3 Electrolytic Zinc
Correspondence, reports

Correspondence regarding Ian William Wark's appointment to the Electrolytic Zinc Company and a number of reports produced for the company.

Date Range: 1925 - 1942   Quantity: 12.4 cm, 14 files, reports
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


Series 4 Flotation
Reports, correspondence

Monthly reports on flotation studies. Correspondence, with inward and outward correspondence separated and with files arranged approximately alphabetically.

Date Range: 1929 - 1939   Quantity: 13.4 cm
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


Series 5 Council for Scientific and Industrial Research / Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIR/CSIRO)
Correspondence, publications, reports, addresses, diaries, minutes

Contains application for position at CSIR 1939, various reports, including reports of overseas visits, correspondence, minutes of Executive and Council meetings.

Date Range: 1922 - 1971   Quantity: 16.6 cm, 19 files
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


Series 6 Diary Notes CSIR / CSIRO / CACAE

Numbered diary notes arranged by number from no. 1, 13 February 1940 to no. 555, 14 November 1960, followed by a separate sequence for the 1960s and another sequence for confidential files.

Date Range: 1940 - 1971   Quantity: 12 cm, 6 files
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


Series 7 Commonwealth Advisory Committee on Advanced Education (CACAE)
Index, correspondence, diaries, minutes, publications, reports

Correspondence files, arranged chronologically, diaries and other material connected with overseas visits, publications, reports on academic salaries and other reports, and minutes of meetings of the Committee 1965-66.

Date Range: 1955 - 1978   Quantity: 62.5 cm, 44 files
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


Series 8 Honorary Consultancy
Correspondence, publications, notes, reports, draft papers, diary notes

Correspondence files, arranged chronologically, a number of files on flotation containing reprints, correspondence, notes and draft papers and one containing referees' reports, papers and reports on CSIRO, and diary notes 1969-82.

Date Range: 1927 - 1985   Quantity: 48 cm, 41 files
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


Series 9 Australian Academy of Science
Correspondence, minutes, circulars, publications, draft papers, press cuttings, notes, discussions, interviews

A variety of files reflecting Ian William Wark's strong involvement with the Academy over 30 years. Includes minutes, correspondence, draft papers, material relating to the establishment of the Science and Industry Forum, background material, draft and published versions of obituaries, financial material, and nominations of candidates for Fellowship, arranged alphabetically.

Date Range: 1920 - 1985   Quantity: 33.4 cm, 42 files
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


Series 10 Australian Academy of Technological Sciences
Correspondence, notes, publications, subscriptions

Material on the formation of the Academy, its early elections, various conferences, symposia and annual general meetings, the Sutherland Medal and correspondence for an obituary.

Date Range: 1952 - 1983, 1974-1983   Quantity: 9.3 cm, 11 files
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


Series 11 Royal Australian Chemical Institute
Proposals, correspondence, publications, notes, minutes, draft papers, agenda, meeting papers

General correspondence, papers and correspondence concerning conferences, material from the Finance Advisory Committee, several files relating to the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, of which Ian William Wark was the inaugural president 1978-81.

Date Range: 1957 - 1982   Quantity: 8.9 cm, 10 files
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


Series 12 [Other] Subject Files
Correspondence, circulars, publications, meeting papers, notes, reports, audio cassettes, agenda, minutes, press cuttings, addresses, reviews

Alphabetically arranged files on a variety of topics, varying from purely personal files on Ian William Wark's interests such as fly fishing, financial files on his investments and income tax, his will, through files on various colleagues to files on a number of institutions with which he was connected.

Date Range: 1909 - 1985   Quantity: 77.5 cm, 80 files
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


Series 13 Alphabetical Correspondence

There is one file for each letter of the alphabet, except for X, Y and Z, which are in a single file. There is also a file for "Mc" in addition to the file for "M". The final file in the series contains letters from friends and/or notable men of science selected for this file by Ian William Wark.

Date Range: 1919 - 1985   Quantity: 20.6 cm, 26 files
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


Series 14 Unpublished Manuscripts
Draft manuscripts, correspondence, notes

A mixture of material, with articles on fly fishing, autobiographical material, aspects of life and higher education in America, and other writings of both a personal and scientific nature.

Date Range: 1920? - 1984   Quantity: 31.5 cm, 8 files
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


Series 15 Talks and Addresses

Seven volumes of talks and addresses between 1941 and 1978, plus four files on specific lectures, three of which are on scientific topics and one on education.

Date Range: 1932 - 1978   Quantity: 14.7 cm, 11 files
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


Series 16 Publications

Books by Ian William Wark, either alone or with co-authors, and a number of books by other authors. Wark's books are largely on flotation, with some on chemistry or research and some on tertiary education. The other books cover science, CSIRO and higher education.

Date Range: 1927 - 1985, 1927-1985   Quantity: 51.4 cm, 25 books and files
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


Series 17 Photographs, Slides, Audio Cassettes and Discs, Framed Pictures

Photographs of Ian William Wark alone and in groups, both formal and informal, work related photographs, photographs taken on trips within Australia and abroad, in particular New Zealand 1958-1982, but also Japan, England, Europe, Fiji and the USA and Canada. Recordings of Ian William Wark's voice and of a piano piece he composed. Oversize items include a farmed colour photograph of the Chemical Research Laboratories and a framed cartoon by Molnar.

Date Range: 1921 - c. 1984   Quantity: 119.1 cm, 76 audiovisual items
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


Series 18 Scrapbook
Press cuttings

With the exception of a single item on engineering dated 1952 and the two unsorted files at the end of the series, these files are all from the period when Ian William Wark was chairman of the Commonwealth Advisory Committee on Advanced Education and cover various aspects of tertiary education. They are arranged alphabetically by subject.

Date Range: 1952 - 1981, 1952, 1966-1981   Quantity: 26.3 cm, 22 scrapbooks
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


Series 19 Manuscripts dealing with Ian Wark's association with the Australian Academy of Science

Includes Ian William Wark's opinion on many of the early Academy officers, the Academy's relations with applied science, the Royal Society and various government Ministers and the Academy Fellowship Scheme 1962-1971.

Date Range: 1954 - 1985   Quantity: 6 cm, 11 files
Provenance: Wark, Ian William


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