Series List and Summary Descriptions

Series 1 Personal - Biographical

Publications, talks, photographs, plans, correspondence, programmes, press cuttings, obituaries, notes.

Date Range: 1896 - 1983
Provenance: Joan Duffield


Series 2 Published Articles and other writings of W. G. Duffield

Publications, typescripts, press cuttings, correspondence, manuscripts, notes.

Date Range: 1894 - 1928
Provenance: Joan Duffield


Series 3 Personal - Family

Correspondence, press cuttings, diary, photographs, lists, telegrams, programmes, menus.

Date Range: 1906 - 1960
Provenance: Joan Duffield


Series 4 Solar Physics Observatory, Mt. Stromlo

Membership card, correspondence, programmes, press cuttings, notes, receipts, diagrams, draft letters, photographs, lists, publications, reports, lecture notes, postcards.

Date Range: 1880 - 1967
Provenance: Joan Duffield


Series 5 University College Reading, University of Reading

Correspondence, memoranda, address, certificates, notes, diagrams, reports, photographs.

Date Range: 1910 - 1983
Provenance: Joan Duffield


Series 6 Subject Files

Notes, correspondence, lists, press cuttings, pamphlets, draft letters, publications, reports.

Date Range: 1906 - 1927
Provenance: Joan Duffield


Series 7 Photographs

Black and white prints and negatives.

Date Range: 1924 - 1929
Provenance: Joan Duffield


Series 8 Other Publications

Reports, booklets, newsletters, magazines.

Date Range: 1910 - 1966
Provenance: Joan Duffield


Series 9 Audio Recording

Audio cassette tapes and running indices.

Date Range: 1987
Provenance: Joan Duffield


Series 10 Addendum

References to W. G. Duffield in the official records of the University of Adelaide held in the University of Adelaide Archives.

Provenance: Walter Geoffrey Duffield


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