Series 10 - Addendum

ProvenanceWalter Geoffrey Duffield

References to W. G. Duffield in the official records of the University of Adelaide held in the University of Adelaide Archives.

Inventory Listing

10-1 Records of B.Sc. Students - Series 246 p.2 (See file 1/16)
Creator Walter Geoffrey Duffield
Inventory Identifier 10-1 Series 10
10-2 Correspondence Record Volume III - Series 7 Volume 2 1900-1901

DUFFIELD W. G. 1124/1900. Concerning examination in geology and mineralogy.

DUFFIELD W. G. 1226/1900. Requesting permission to use the chemical laboratory during the vacation. Reference: C. M. Volume VII p.46. Reply: Letterbook Volume XX p.662.

DUFFIELD W. G. 561/1901. Intention to study at Cambridge University and request for pay[ment] of the first instalment of his scholarship in Adelaide. Reference: C. M. Volume VII p.87. Reply: Letterbook Volume XX p. 165.

Creator Walter Geoffrey Duffield
Date range 1900 - 1901
Inventory Identifier 10-2 Series 10
10-3 Correspondence Record Volume IV - Series 7 Volume 3 1903

DUFFIELD W. G. 736/1903. Asking for approval of acceptance of student assistantship. Reference: C. M. Volume VII p.369. Reply: Letterbook Volume XXIII p. 504.

Creator Walter Geoffrey Duffield
Date range 1903
Inventory Identifier 10-3 Series 10
10-4 Correspondence Record Volume V - Series 7 Volume 4 1909

DUFFIELD J. [sic] W. 254/1909. Invitation to send a delegate to the Solar Physics Committee. Reference: C. M. Volume IX p.92. Reply: Letterbook Volume XXX p.142.

Creator Walter Geoffrey Duffield
Date range 1909
Inventory Identifier 10-4 Series 10

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