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Cooperative Research Centre for Bioproducts (1999 - )

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Function: Research Centre
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The Cooperative Research Centre for Bioproducts is a collaborative research centre whose core participants include the University of Melbourne, School of Botany and Department of Chemical Engineering; Tridan Ltd - Albright & Wilson (Australia) Limited Partnership; Rhodia Australia Pty Ltd; Cerebos Australia Limited; Unilever PLC; and, Food Science Australia (a joint venture of CSIRO and AFISC).

URL: The home page for this entity is located at http://www.isr.gov.au/crc/centres/man/bioproducts.html
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The CRC for Bioproducts has a focus on developing commercially valuable materials produced by plants, and other living organisms, such as natural colours, nutraceuticals including the active components in herbal remedies, pharmaceutical intermediates and biopolymers. Its areas of expertise are in Bioprocess Development and Engineering, Structure and Function of Biomolecules, and, Molecular and Cellular Biology.

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Previous and Subsequent Entities

 1992 - 1998 Cooperative Research Centre for Industrial Plant Biopolymers
       1999 - Cooperative Research Centre for Bioproducts

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