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Bacic, Antony

BSc (James Cook) PhD (LaTrobe)
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Bacic is Professor of Botany, Deputy Director of the University of Melbourne's Plant Cell Biology Research Centre in the School of Botany, and, Director, Basic Research Program of the Cooperative Research Centre for Industrial Plant Biopolymers, based in the University of Melbourne. He is an expert in the field of structure and function of complex carbohydrates.

Career Highlights

Educated James Cook University (BSc) and La Trobe University (PhD). Postdoctoral fellow, Plant Research Laboratory, Michigan State University and Visiting Scientist, Department of Biological Chemistry, Hebrew University, Jerusalem 1980-82, Research Fellow, Plant Cell Biology Research Centre, University of Melbourne 1982-92, Reader and Associate Professor, School of Botany 1992-96, Personal Chair in Department of Botany July 1996 - .

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