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Plant Cell Biology Research Centre (1982 - )

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Function: Research Centre
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The Plant Cell Biology Research Centre is a Special Research Centre of the Australian Research Council within the School of Botany at The University of Melbourne. It was established as a Centre of Excellence in 1982 with Professor Bruce Knox in association with Dr Adrienne Clarke, with expertise in two areas of plant biology and chemistry. The first is the molecular and cellular biology of breeding systems, that is systems leading to seed formation in plants. The second is the biology and chemistry of complex carbohydrates, that is, the molecules which form the walls of plants and their secretions, and slimes.

URL: The home page for this entity is located at http://www.plantcell.unimelb.edu.au/

February 1982

Established with funding of 1.7 milliion dollars for the trienneum 1982-1984 from the Commonwealth Department of Education through its programme for promotion in excellence in research


The Centre is re-funded for the triennium 1985-1987 at a level of $2,086,000. It is based on a research group which is built up over the preceeding eight years by Professors Bruce Knox and Adrienne Clark.

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