4 - Production - PMA Ltd

Date Range1 January 1970 - c. 1981
Related Provenance
PreviousProduction - Pigments Plant at Laverton, Imperial Chemical Industries of Australia and New Zealand Limited (ICIANZ) (1960 - 1969)
SubsequentOperations - PMA Ltd, Pigment Manufacturers of Australia Limited (c. 1981 - 1991)

The Production department represents the factory floor of Pigment Manufacturers of Australia Limited. It was in this area that the actual manufacturing process occurred. At the head of the Production department was the Production Manager who reported directly to the General Manager of the company. Production Managers included D. K. Grant (c.1979 - 1982, later General Manager).

Reporting to the Production Manager were three to four Superintendents - Azo and Phthalo Superintendents and, at various times, Dryline Superintendent, Dispersions Superintendent, Productivity Superintendent, and a Training Supervisor. The next level of the department consisted of Shift Foremen (later Shift Supervisors), who ran teams of Azo and Phthalo operators, despatch staff, etc.

Production was the largest department in PMA Ltd. For example, an organisational chart from September 1979 (PMA0852) shows 44 staff reporting to the Production Manager, representing approximately half the total PMA Ltd workforce at that time.

Production staff whose records appear in this collection include D. K. Grant, Laszlo Horvath, John H. Owens, and T. Jones.

By January 1981, Production had become the Operations department (see Provenance entry for Operations - PMA Ltd).

Series17  Meeting Records - Production Copy 1972 - 1981
51  Blending Records 1984 - 1988
52  Blend Cards 1969 - 1979
53  Blend Sample Cards 1961? - 1991
54  BASF Blend Sample Sheets 1978 - 1989?
55  Blend Sequence Numbers for Azo and Monastral Blue c. 1968 - c. 1988
56  WIP Stock Cards 1985 - 1990
58  Production Efficiency Sheets 1967 - 1988
62  Plant Logs 1986 - 1990
64  Photographs and Display Materials 1961? - 1991?

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