Series 4 - Lectures

Date Range1940 - 1957, Includes lecture by James Petrie, 1924.
ProvenanceLucy Crosbie Morrison

Typescripts, newspaper cuttings, advertising material, correspondence. This series demonstrates the wide range and the popularity of PCM's public lectures.

Inventory Listing

MORR00140 Lectures

Typescripts, reprints and correspondence related to lectures, talks and addresses given by Crosbie Morrison. List of contents:
- Announcement of lecture and letter of thanks for lecture from North Balwyn branch of the Red Cross, September 1945;
- 'Economic Bird Life', publication of lecture delivered to Annual Convention of the Goulburn Valley Agricultural Societies' Association, 5 June 1940;
- 'Natural History Literature of Australia', publication of part of an address given in Launceston for Book Week; letter of thanks for lecture, 1947;
- Letter of thanks for lecture given in Geelong, no date;
- Clipping from Herald House News on lecture tour to the Northern Territory for the Australian Army Education Service, May - June 1944;
- 'Treasures of the Museum', typescript of lecture, partly in note form, with hand written additions and corrections, no date;
- Letter of thanks from Camberwell City Library for talk that launched library week, 18 September 1956;
- 'Before the Pioneers', typescript in two sections of Pioneers Memorial Oration, given at Wangaratta, 11 November 1947;
- Newspaper cutting mentioning talk given at University of Melbourne science exhibit afternoon, on 'Color in Nature', no date;
- 'Our Guest Speakers', poem sung by members of the Bread and Cheese Club, sung for the first time on the occasion of a talk by Crosbie Morrison, 1 July 1945;
- Invitation card (3 copies) to exhibition of Central Australian photographs, opened by Crosbie Morrison, 6 August 1944;
- Letter expressing appreciation for Crosbie Morrison's activities on behalf of the Australian Army Education Service in the Victoria L. of C. area, from General Officer Commanding Victoria L. of C. Area, 6 April 1943;
- Material related to lecture, 'Central Australia and its Wild Life', to be given by Crosbie Morrison for the University of Melbourne Centenary Appeal - announcement, circular, letter of thanks, 1 July - 26 October 1955
- Unsigned note thanking Crosbie Morrison for 'arranging seats' at unnamed lecture, possibly 'Central Australia and its Wild Life' for the University of Melbourne Centenary Appeal, 3 July 1955;
- Announcement of Goulburn Valley Agricultural Societies' Association Convention, mentioning Crosbie Morrison's talk, 'Economic Bird Life';
- Newspaper clipping from The Morwell Advertiser mentioning talk on fire prevention, 9 [19?] December 1957;
- Announcement of nature talk to be given at the Boronia Progress Hall in aid of the Methodist Church Trust, 15 April [no year];
- Newspaper cuttings on talk given in Geelong, Tuesday 12, Wednesday 13 May [no year];
- Letter of thanks from Royal Miller, Head Master of Central School, Malvern, for talk given at school speech night, 13 December 1956.

Creator Lucy Crosbie Morrison
Date range 1940 - 1957    Quantity 1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 4-1 Series 4
MORR00141 Lectures

Typescripts, reprints and correspondence related to lectures, talks and addresses given by Crosbie Morrison. List of contents:
- Farrago, newspaper published by the University of Melbourne Student Representative Council - short article on talk given to the University of Melbourne Science Club, 10 August 1943;
- Letter of thanks from Rella Warner for unspecified talk, 2 September 1957;
- Announcement of lecture, 'From Alice Springs to Darwin on the Great North Road', given for the Church Family Gathering of the Highfield Road Methodist Church, 9 August 1944;
- The Conveyor [Published by the Zinc Corporation Limited and New Broken Hill Consolidated Limited, number 3, volume 8] - includes article on Broken Hill's first aquatic sports carnival, at which Crosbie Morrison gave an address, March [1950];
- Newspaper cutting about address, 'Hunting Nature with a Camera', given for the Heidelberg Branch of the University Extension and the W.E.A. Centre, no date;
- 'The Pioneer Oration', sequence of proceedings, including Crosbie Morrison's talk 'Before the Pioneers - Wild Life of the North East', given at Wangaratta
- 1947
- Announcement of showing of Crosbie Morrison's film 'Beyond the Alice' for the Russian Welfare Society, 17 May 1956;
- Newspaper cutting from The Wangaratta Chronicle, text of address of the Pioneer's Memorial Oration, 'Beyond the Pioneers - Wild Life in the North East', given at Wangaratta, 15 November 1947;
- Newspaper cutting, about lecture given at the National Museum, no date [1953];
- Newspaper cutting about visit by Crosbie Morrison to Morongo to speak to girls about nature study, no date;
- Announcement of an evening of colour films, 'Wild Life at Home', given for the Tally Ho Boys' Village Appeal, 27 May [no year];
- Announcement of talk, 'October Bird Notes' given for the Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts, 19 October [no year];
- Announcement of Nature Talk for the Yallourn Public Library and the Council of Adult Education, 25 November [no year];
- St Paul's Cathedral, list of services, including address, 'Finding God in Nature', to be given on 3 November 1946, at a People's Service, November 1946;
- Invitation from Northcote branch of the W.E.A to 'Spend an evening with Crosbie Morrison', Friday 13 October [no year];
- 'Natural History Literature of Australia', text of Launceston Book Week Address, published in Tasmanian Education, vol 2 no 6, December 1947;
- Programme and correspondence regarding address to the Kiewa Bush Fire Film Evening, for the Kiewa Hydro Electricity Works, December 1955;
- Mulga, newsletter of H.Q 11 L of C Sub Area, published by the [Australian Army] Amenities Service - two dated issues, one undated unattached sheet with paragraph promoting a lecture on Central Australia by Crosbie Morrison, no date, 30 March 1944, 31 March 1944;
- Newspaper cutting from The Ararat Advertiser on nature talk given at Ararat, 28 September 1946.

Creator Lucy Crosbie Morrison
Date range 1943 - 1957    Quantity 1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 4-2 Series 4
MORR00859 Council For Adult Education

Contains syllabus booklets and lecture notes. Includes lecture by James Petrie, 9 July 1924.

Creator Janet Morrison
Date range 1924 - 1945    Quantity 1 file
Formats General Publications and Lecture Notes
Inventory Identifier 4-3 Series 4
MORR00860 Council For Adult Education - 12 Lectures 1940 Series 1
Creator Janet Morrison
Date range 1940    Quantity 2 cm, 1 file
Formats Lecture Notes
Inventory Identifier 4-4 Series 4
MORR00861 10 Lectures 1940 Series 2 - Council for Adult Education
Creator Janet Morrison
Date range 1940    Quantity 1.5 cm, 1 file
Formats Lecture Notes
Inventory Identifier 4-5 Series 4

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