Series 13 - Magnetic Fields

Date Range1969 - 1983
Quantity1 Box
ProvenanceRonald Gordon Giovanelli

Working notes, correspondence, draft manuscripts, data sheets, magnetograms, graphs, notebooks, reports

Inventory Listing

13-1 Oscillations in magnetic tubes

Working notes and correspondence relating to oscillations in magnetic tubes. Includes inwards and outwards correspondence with: N. Fletcher, Australian Academy of Science; Bernard Roberts, University of New Hampshire; John T. Jefferies, University of Hawaii; Joseph V. Hollweg, University of New Hampshire

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1980 - 1981    Quantity 0.3 cm,
Inventory Identifier 13-1 Box Number 22 Series 13
13-2 Some comments on solar reconnection problems

Draft typescripts, correspondence and working papers relating to solar reconnection problems. Includes: Draft typescripts "Some comments on solar reconnection problems" (2 draft copies); Untitled typescript of paper by RGG; Inwards and outwards correspondence with: Ed. Hones, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Penelope Gregory, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range November 1982    Quantity 1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 13-2 Box Number 22 Series 13
13-3 Solar magnetohydrodynamics - Old and new

Draft typescript titled "Chapter 2, Solar magnetohydrodynamics - Old and new", n.d.

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Quantity 11 cm, Inventory Identifier 13-3 Box Number 22 Series 13
13-4 Magnetograph data sheets

CSIRO solar magnetograph data sheets

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1969 - 1970    Quantity 0.7 cm,
Inventory Identifier 13-4 Box Number 22 Series 13
13-5 Canopies, Fields beyond penumbra

Research notebooks, magnetograms, and graphs, pertaining to solar magnetic phenomena. Includes: 2 research notebooks labelled "Record, No. 1", c1976-1981, and "Record, Canopy statistics", c1981; 28 magnetograms, May-June 1980; Graphs - LTE graphs

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1976 - c. 1981    Quantity 6.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier 13-5 Box Number 22 Series 13
13-6 Observation requests

Kitt Peak National Observatory observing time request form, plus report and graph and accompanying correspondence

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 3 March 1982    Quantity 0.2 cm,
Inventory Identifier 13-6 Box Number 22 Series 13
13-7 Solar flare production and magnetic energy

Paper "The correlation of solar flare production with magnetic energy in active regions" by E.B. Mayfield; Correspondence, inwards and outwards, concerning differences over referee's report, between RGG and E.B. Mayfield, 1983; Working notes

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1983    Quantity 0.4 cm,
Inventory Identifier 13-7 Box Number 22 Series 13

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