Series 7 - Scientific Societies, Conference Notes and Reprints of Other Scientists' Publications

Date Range1940 - 1985
Quantity1 Box
ProvenanceRonald Gordon Giovanelli

Newsletters, minutes, reports, correspondence, lists of members etc., lecture notes, publications, notes, press cuttings

Inventory Listing

7-1 Astronomical Society of Australia

A.S.A. Newsletter March 1982, and December 1982; List of ASA office bearers May 18 1983; ASA Proceedings Vol.6 No.1 1985

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1982 - 1985    Quantity 1.1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 7-1 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-2 American Astronomical Society, Solar Physics Division

Minutes of AAS Committee meeting 11 January 1982; Minutes of AAS Business meeting 13 January 1982; Notice of 1983 Annual meeting

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range January 1982    Quantity 0.1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 7-2 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-3 Australian Academy of Science

Reports, correspondence, memoranda, lists of Fellows, and ephemera. Includes: Annual report 1982; Publication "The Australian Academy of Science: The first twenty-five years. A brief review" edited by Frank Fenner and A.L.G. Rees; Revised list of Fellows - classified according to scientific interests, 6 April 1983; Minutes of Council meeting, 8 and 9 December 1982; Correspondence, RGG to A.C. Hurley, 18 December 1981; candidates for election 1983; National Science Foundation bulletin September 1980; Information on Academy awards; Information concerning review of Academy sponsorship of scientific conferences, including questionnaire; Academy "Certificate of a candidate for election" (4 blank forms); Booklet "A metric handbook" by the Metric Conversion Board; Booklet "International system of units" published by the Academy 1970

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1970 - 1983    Quantity 1.2 cm,
Inventory Identifier 7-3 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-4 Royal Astronomical Society

Membership form confirming RGG as Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, 14 June 1940

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 14 June 1940    Quantity 1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 7-4 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-5 International Astronomical Union

IAU information bulletin 1982, 1983; IAU Commission 12 report - working papers, correspondence and draft report "Radiation and structure of the solar atmosphere", includes inwards and outwards correspondence between RGG and Edith A. Müler; Commission 12 report "Interpretation of atmospheric structure in the presence of inhomogeneities" Grenoble, France, 1976

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1976 - 1983    Quantity 3 cm,
Inventory Identifier 7-5 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-6 Lecture notes for talks and conferences

Lecture notes on diverse topics prepared for talks and conferences, correspondence. Topics include: "Gas flow in solar magnetic tubes" - lecture to the Institute of Physics; "Climatology - Notes on part 1: Energy flows in the atmosphere"; "The Doppler scattering function"; Notes on the history of the CSIRO Division of Physics solar astronomy program; "Velocities in the photosphere and chromosphere - A brief review"; Working notes on various aspects of solar physics including The magnetic atmosphere, the interplanetary field and the wind, weather and the solar cycle, solar energy source, the sunspot cycle; Inwards correspondence from K.D. Cole, Chairman Department of physics, La Trobe University; Peter Hannaford, Australian Institute of Physics; Edward Linacre, Macquarie University; S.T. Wu, University of Alabama in Huntsville. Programs of conferences, Physics of solar prominences, IAU colloquium, Oslo 14-18 August 1978; High resolution spectrometry, Colloquium on astrophysics of the Trieste Observatory, Trieste 3-7 July 1978, Workshop on measurements of solar vector magnetic fields, Marshall Space Flight Center 15-18 May 1984; 12 solar magnetograms; 4 overhead projection sheets

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1960s - 1980s    Quantity 0.8 cm,
Inventory Identifier 7-6 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-7 Bracewell, Ronald W.

Information on Ronald Bracewell's academic career. Includes: Academic biography; List of publications; "Cumulative Observatory report 1955-1979" of the Stanford Radio Astronomy Institute; Reprints of reports of the Stanford Radio Astronomy Institute Observatory; Five year report on Terman Chair, Stanford University; Correspondence, R.N. Bracewell to RGG 19 December 1979

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1979    Quantity 1.2 cm,
Inventory Identifier 7-7 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-8 Steel, W.H.

Reprints of papers by W.H. Steel. Includes: "The distribution of light from optical systems", "On the choice of glasses for cemented achromatic aplanatic doublets", "A general equation for the choice of glass for cemented doublets", "The birefringent filter", "étude des effets combinés des aberrations et d'une obturation centrale de la pupille sur le contraste des images optiques" (Doctor of science thesis), "Precision focusing with photoelectric detection", "Standard designs for cemented doublets", "Standard designs for cemented doublets. II. Doublets for unit magnification", "Tables for the choice of glasses for cemented doublets", "The choice of glass for objectives that satisfy the Herschel condition", "The aberrations of oblique plane-parallel plates"

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1949 - 1962    Quantity 29 cm,
Inventory Identifier 7-8 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-9 Van der Borght, R.

Reprint and correspondence. Includes: Reprint "Nonlinear thermal convection in a layer with imposed energy flux" by R. Van der Borght; Inwards and outwards correspondence between RGG and René Van der Borght

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1977    Quantity 0.2 cm,
Inventory Identifier 7-9 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-10 Other scientists' papers

Reprints of other scientists' publications. Includes: "Solar affinity of sedimentary cycles in the late Precambrian Elatina Formation" by G.E. Williams; "Simulating the sunspot cycle" by R.N. Bracewell; "Landscape as viewed in the 320-nm ultraviolet" by W. Livingstone; "Fundamental and applied aspects of astronomical `seeing'" by C.E. Coulman; "Fast pulsations in the solar corona" by B. Roberts, P.M. Edwin, and A.O. Benz; "Magnetic flux tubes on the sun" by H.C. Spruit and B. Roberts; "The splitting of mica plates for optical purposes" by R.N. Smartt and E.G.V. Mugridge; "Diffraction of light from sources of finite dimensions" by G.H. Godfrey; "Positions of the fundamental and harmonic sources of a type II solar burst" by G.A. Dulk; "A solar granulation spectrogram" by J.G. Kirk and W. Livingstone; "The origin of the Hubble system of galaxies" by J.H. Piddington

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1948 - 1985    Quantity 7 cm,
Inventory Identifier 7-10 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-11 Press cuttings

Press cutting: "The house that John built - Hawaii's premier astronomer is leaving for a new challenge" in The Honolulu Advertiser

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 15 July 1983    Quantity 1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 7-11 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-12 Russian publication

Copy of Russian publication Izvsetiya ordena trudovogo krasnovo znameni Krymskoi Astrofizicheskoi Observatorii (Proceedings of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory) vol.67, Moscow 1983

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Quantity 9 cm, Inventory Identifier 7-12 Box Number 16 Series 7

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