Series 6 - CSIRO

Date Range1942 - 1978
Quantity1 Box
ProvenanceRonald Gordon Giovanelli

Reports, notes, working papers, correspondence, photographs, diagrams, spectroheliograms, lecture notes, overhead projection sheets, draft legistlation

Inventory Listing

6-1 Division of Physics reports

Reports of projects in progress. Includes: "Report to C.S.I.R.O." by A.V. Astin, 11 November 1957; National Standards Laboratory Committee - Terms of reference" by F.W.G. White, 1 August 1957; "Functions, problems and the future of N.S.L." 9 September 1957; "Solar Physics" (report on projects in progress); "The solar physics research programme of the Division of Physics" with attached correspondence, G.H. Briggs to F.W.G. White, 4 March 1957; "Research in Division of Physics" 17 August 1956; "Division of Physics" 2 July 1956; "Notes on the lighting of streets by floodlights" 15 July 1959

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 2 July 1956 - 15 July 1959    Quantity 0.4 cm,
Inventory Identifier 6-1 Box Number 15 Series 6
6-2 Notes on progress for the National Measurement Laboratory's biennial report

Working papers on progress in solar physics for the National Measurement Laboratory's biennial report; Correspondence, n.d.

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Quantity 2 cm, Inventory Identifier 6-2 Box Number 15 Series 6
6-3 Photographs of historical interest

15 photographs and 30 photographic negatives of solar phenomena, several diagrams. Includes: Spectroheliograms of sun showing prominences and plages; Series of photographs and negatives with note by RGG indicating that "These pictures show how we missed discovering coronal holes."

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1970 - 1971?    Quantity 1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 6-3 Box Number 15 Series 6
6-4 Internal reports

Collection of National Standards Laboratory internal reports by RGG and other authors. Includes: "Reflection by semi-infinite diffusers" by RGG; "Transmissions of absorbing glasses to diffused light" by RGG 30 January 1947; "A search for a solar observatory site in part of N.S.W., Summer 1963" by C.E. Coulman June 1963; "The surface temperature of roofing materials" by C.E. Coulman February 1964; "Notes on the construction of parabolic reflectors" 23 November 1942; "The optical properties of diffusing media"; "The use of fluorite in a spectroheliograph objective" by C.E. Coulman August 1957; "A note on the thickness of optical flats and test plates" by RGG 23 November 1942; "Report on investigations into the deterioration of optical instruments in Northern Territory and New Guinea" by RGG 19 September 1944; "Some physical aspects of photo-retinitis in anti-aircraft lookouts" by G.H. Briggs February 1943; "Goggles for anti-aircraft lookouts in the sun sector" by G.H. Briggs and R.G. Giovanelli March 1943; "Report on the design of cockpit lamp suitable for use in exposed positions" 1 June 1943; "Report on the effective visibility range of ships at night" 10 July 1943; "A further note on the effective visibility of ships at night" 23 July 1943; "Report on the illumination of radar operations rooms and the fatigue of radar operators" by C.J. Mathieson, E.H. Mercer and R.G. Giovanelli June 1944; "The use of diffraction patterns in the measurement of mean diameters, and coefficient of variation in diameter of wool fibres" October 1945; "Experimental determination of transition probabilities of exited atoms" by R.J. LeMesurier September 1953; "Observations of the solar corona in Australia" by RGG December 1952; "Notes on the testing of optical flats against liquid surfaces" by RGG August 1953; "Report on inspection of tropical radar stations" October 1944; "The calibration of standards of reflectance" by RGG December 1953; "Measurements of atmospheric shimmer" by J.T. Jefferies June 1956; "Tables of spectral energy distribution...." August 1946; "Scientific aspects of eye protection glasses...for welding and other industrial purposes" by RGG January 1946; "Miscellaneous H-functions" by RGG May 1955

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1942 - 1964    Quantity 30 cm,
Inventory Identifier 6-4 Box Number 15 Series 6
6-5 Lecture notes

Lecture notes on various aspects of solar physics, in manuscript form; Overhead projector sheets

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1960s    Quantity 1.1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 6-5 Box Number 15 Series 6
6-6 CSIRO Honorary Research Fellowship

Inwards and outwards correspondence concerning offer of an Honorary Research Fellowship to RGG with list of conditions, J. Coombe to RGG 5 July 1976 and reply by RGG 20 July 1976; Working notes

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range July 1976    Quantity 0.1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 6-6 Box Number 15 Series 6
6-7 Reports and submissions

"Submission to the Inter-Department Enquiry on Astronomy: Solar optical astronomy in Australia" by RGG, with covering letter RGG to M.R. Dixon 20 April 1977; "Observatories Review Sub-committee: Response to the request for information by the Department of Applied Mathematics"; "Submission to the Interdepartmental Enquiry concerning a review of observatory facilities"

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1970s    Quantity 0.1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 6-7 Box Number 15 Series 6
6-8 Draft Standards legislation

Draft copies of Standards legislation and correspondence; Includes: Inwards and outwards correspondence between RGG and F.W.G. White; Draft copies of "Weights and Measures (National Standards) Regulations" and "Weights and Measures (National Standards) Act" 25 February 1976; Documents:- "Use of the terms "mass" and "weight" in Commonwealth legislation" 5 August 1976, "Considerations concerning amendments to the regulations under the Weights and Measures (National Standards) Act" 17 June 1976, "Comment on Draft Bill dated 17/10/73"

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1973 - 1978    Quantity 0.9 cm,
Inventory Identifier 6-8 Box Number 15 Series 6
6-9 CSIRO Acts

Copies of Acts and Regulations pertaining to the CSIRO; Includes: "Science and Industry Research Act 1949", "Science and Industry Research Act 1949-1968", "Weights and Measures (National Standards) Act 1960", "Weights and Measures (National Standards) Act 1960-1966" and Regulations 1965, 1966, 1971(amended) and 1973, "Metric Conversion Act 1970"; Photocopy of article "Measurement standards, language of discovery" by L.M. Branscomb, NBS Technical News Bulletin, January 1971

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1949 - 1950s    Quantity 8 cm,
Inventory Identifier 6-9 Box Number 15 Series 6
6-10 Reports for Executive

Reports for CSIRO Executive and correspondence; Includes: Report "Programme of the Division of Physics" submitted to the Executive meeting 12 August 1971; Reply from Executive, J.R. Price to RGG; "Some typical industrial problems handled recently in the Division of Physics"; Working papers

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1971    Quantity 0.6 cm,
Inventory Identifier 6-10 Box Number 15 Series 6
6-11 Computing notes

Lecture notes for introduction to CSIRO computing system "Introduction to the Cyber and its operating system" August 1975; Notes on "DO2 - Ordinary differential equations"

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1975    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier 6-11 Box Number 15 Series 6

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