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Essential Skills for the Information Age Worker, Semester 2 2004

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This subject explores how society comprehends, evaluates and uses information technology, computer science, World Wide Web resources, copyright and other pertinent technologies in the modern workplace. How do we distinguish between fact, fiction and fraud in digital information environments? How do we do it in the paper world? These are the fundamental questions addressed in this subject.

Students will examine these tools, learn the principles of critical analysis of information sources. Course work includes the analysis of Web information sources; electronic mail/intranet use, critical document analysis, the comparative study of traditional paper sources and other electronic publications, and web site authoring including the use of metadata and XML. The issues examined derive from current industry experience and will have a broad inter-disciplinary application.

Course Co-ordinator: Gavan McCarthy, Senior Research Fellow, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, and Director, Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre (Austehc). This course will be taught by Gavan McCarthy and draw heavily on the direct experience Austehc has had in working in this field.

The course will comprise three hours of contact time per week. Each week there will be one lecture which will be supported by a series of tutorials and computer lab sessions. Students will require access to the Web to complete the course. The broad structure of the course and the content is given in the Lecture Summaries and References below.

Lecture Summaries and References / Administration and Assessment

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