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images/WILL00461bt.jpg - 13KB
J.H. Willis chatting to participants on an excursion
by the Field Naturalists' Club of Victoria to
Mount Napier Reserve, 20 March 1993
Source Item 17-37

images/WILL00461at.jpg - 20KB
Excursion Party of Field Naturalists' Club of Victoria
to Lake Mountain (above Marysville),
Australia Day Weekend, January 1948
Source Item 17-37

images/WILL00268at.jpg - 11KB
Victorian School of Forestry, Practical Botany Notebook, 1928
Source Item 13-18

images/WILL00474at.jpg - 9KB
Melaleuca Ianceolata Otto (4 miles west of Nathalia)
Mr B.J. Willis, aged 59, standing under tree, 9/10/1932
Source Item 17-50

images/WILL00426at.jpg - 16KB
A Typical Agaric, or Gilled Fungus, with parts.
Indian Ink Drawing
Source Item 17-2

images/WILL00487at.jpg - 17KB
Barry Mountain Trip, New Year 1945-1946
Source Item 17-63

images/WILL00490at.jpg - 18KB
Russell Grimwade Expedition to Western Australia, 1947
[part image]
Source Item 17-66

images/WILL00462at.jpg - 31KB
Photographing Heathland Plants at the Grange Reserve,
South Clayton, Victoria, 5 October 1987
Source Item 17-38

images/WILL00462bt.jpg - 20KB
Listing Plants at Courtney's Road Reserve, South Belgrave,
Dandenong Ranges, Victoria, 20 November 1987
Source Item 17-38

images/WILL00463dt.jpg - 18KB
Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, 15 March 1961
J.H. Willis (left centre) explaining features of interest
to 3 visiting Japanese newspaper representatives, (from left to right)
Masaaki Kasagi, Kokyo Shiraishi and Yusai Takahashi
Source Item 17-39

images/WILL00463bt.jpg - 11KB
Melbourne Herbarium Staff, December 1952
Source Item 17-39

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