Significant Correspondents and Collaborators

Alphabetical listing of correspondents and collaborators with their relevant institutional affiliation(s)

Allen, J.A. CSIRO, Executive
Anderson, J.R. CSIRO, Division of Tribophysics, University of Melbourne
Anderson, J.S. Oxford University, Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

Badger, G.M. University of Adelaide, Vice-Chancellor
Bailar, J.C. University of Illinois, School of Chemical Sciences
Baker, F.W. G.ICSU, Executive Secretary
Barraclough, E. RACI, President
Bayliss, N.S. University of Western Australia, School of Chemistry
Boas, W. University of Melbourne, Department of Metallurgy
Bolton, H.C. Monash University, Department of Physics
Briscoe, H.V.A. Imperial College, London, Department of Chemistry
Burgmann, V.D. CSIRO, Executive/Chairman
Burnet, F.M. Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Butchart, J.D. Monash University, Academic Registrar

Chadderton, L. CSIRO, Division of Chemical Physics
Chandler, G. National Library of Australia, Director-General
Cole, A.R.H. University of Western Australia, School of Chemistry
Coogan, C.K. Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge; CSIRO, Executive
Cowley, J.M. Arizona State University, Department of Physics
Craig, D.P. Australian National University, Research School of Chemistry

Dale, E.C. Victoria Institute of Colleges, Registrar
David, D.J. CSIRO, Division of Plant Industry
Davies, M. University College of Wales; Edward Davies Chemical Laboratories
de Bruin, H.J. Flinders University, School of Physical Sciences
Deeble, J. AAS, Executive Secretary
Dicker, G.E. Australian National University, Academic Registrar

Emeleus, H.J. Imperial College, London, Department of Chemistry
Evans, L.T. AAS, President

Farrant, J.L. CSIRO, Chemical Physics Section
Fenner, F. Australian National University, John Curtin School of Medical Research; AAS
Fink, P.T. Chief Defence Scientist
Frankel, O.H. CSIRO, Division of Plant Industry; AAS

Garran, R.R. Royal Society of Victoria, Executive Secretary
Goswami, A. National Chemical Laboratory, India
Gray, T.J. Atlantic Industrial Research Institute

Hacobian, S. University of Sydney, Department of Physical Chemistry
Hamer, R.J. Premier, Victorian State Government
Hyde, B.G. University of Western Australia, School of Chemistry

Johnson, A.W.S. Max Planck Institute
Johnston, F.H. University of Melbourne, Registrar
Jordan, M.J. RACI, General Secretary

Killen, D.J . Minister for Defence, Federal Australian Government

Law, P.G. Victoria Institute of Colleges, Vice-President; AAS

Martin, D.C. The Royal Society, Executive Secretary
Martin, R.L. Monash University, Vice-Chancellor
Martin, S.L. University of the West Indies, Pro-Vice-Chancellor
McIndoe, J.A. Victoria Institute of Colleges; Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Mellor, D.P. University of New South Wales, School of Chemistry
Moodie, A.F. Oxford University, Department of Metallurgy
Myers, D.M. La Trobe University, Vice-Chancellor

Nossal, G.V.S. Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Pierce, A.E. CSIRO, Division of Animal Health/Executive
Pockley, P. ABC, Science Unit
Price, J.R. CSIRO, Executive/Chairman
Priestley, C.H. CSIRO, Environmental Physics Research Laboratories
Purnell, W.E. RACI, Executive Secretary

Rapoport, E. Israel Atomic Energy Commission
Ratcliffe, R.J. IUPAC, Assistant Secretary
Rivett, A.C.D. CSIR, Chief Executive Officer
Robertson, R.N. AAS; Australian National University, Research School of Biological Sciences;
Australian National Research Council, Secretary
Ryan, K.T. RACI, Registrar

Street, R. Australian National University, School of Physical Sciences
Swan, J.M. Monash University, Pro-Vice-Chancellor

Thompson, H. St. Johnís College, Oxford
Turner, P.S. Oxford University, Metallurgy Department

Walsh, A. CSIRO, Division of Chemical Physics
Wark, I.W. CSIRO, Executive
Weickhardt, L.W. ICI
West, P.W. Louisiana State University, College of Chemistry and Physics
White, F.W.G. CSIRO, Executive/Chairman
Wild, J.P. CSIRO, Executive; ASS, Foreign Secretary
Williams, L.S. CSIRO, Chemical Research Laboratories, Division of Mineral Chemistry
Williams, M. IUPAC, Executive Secretary
Willis, J.B. CSIRO, Division of Chemical Physics
Wilson, L.G. CSIRO, Administration Secretary
Wood, M.F. Oxford Instrument Company

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