Provenance - Creators and Custodians

PLP0001 D. H Solomon
PLP0002 J. B. Ross
PLP0003 S. D. Hamann
PLP0004 B. C. Loft
PLP0005 D. G. Hawthorne
PLP0006 Drawing Office
PLP0007 G. C. Quint
PLP0008 I. C. Thomas
PLP0009 J. Evans
PLP0010 S. D. Hamann and D. H. Solomon
PLP0011 J. H. Hodgkin
PLP0012 M. Linton
PLP0013 R. A. Brett
PLP0014 T. H. Spurling
PLP0015 Fishermens Bend
PLP0016 R. Eibl
PLP0017 R. A. Lee
PLP0018 W. H. F. Sasse
PLP0019 A. W. Mau
PLP0020 J. Loder
PLP0021 Fishermens Bend and D. H. Solomon
PLP0022 Fishermens Bend and B. C. Loft

Published by the Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre on AustehcWeb, June 2004
With support from CSIRO Division of Chemicals and Polymers and The University of Melbourne
Listed by Roderick Buchanan, Gavan McCarthy and Oscar Manhal
HTML edition Ailie Smith
Updated 8 November 2007

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