Series 26 - Safety Records - Operations files

Date Range1986 - 1990
Quantity8 cm, 3 files
ProvenanceOperations - PMA Ltd

Contains safety meeting minutes, papers on occupational health and safety and safety audits, and injury reports. Also includes batch sheets for the production of Monastral Green, outlining the raw materials required, safety precautions, and processing procedures.

Many of the papers in this series look to have been distributed to either Kerry Hewitt or Rob Thomas. Both were Superintendents in the operations section of the Pigment Manufacturers of Australia Limited plant.

Inventory Listing

26-1 Monastral Green GN Batch Sheets

The first document looks to have been distributed to Kerry Hewitt.

Includes papers regarding raw materials, safety precautions, and processing instructions for the production of monastral green. Also includes procedures for the production of "CCPC GN" a crude green pigment and one of the raw materials for producing monastral green.

Creator Operations - PMA Ltd
Date range 1989    Quantity 1.5 cm, 1 file
Formats Diagrams and Procedures
Inventory Identifier PMA0250 Box Number 52 Series 26
26-2 Safety Committee Minutes, Phthalo Plant Safety and Injuries
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The first part of the file contains papers dated c.October 1988 and later that look to have been distributed to Kerry Hewitt, while the rest (documents dated July 1988 and earlier) appear to have been distributed to Rob Thomas. Both Rob Thomas and Kerry Hewitt were Phthalo Superintendents.

Mostly safety committee meeting minutes. Other papers include safety plans, details of safety audits, etc.

Also includes memos regarding injuries, including lists of injuries, for example: "Injuries - Phthalo - May 1989".

Creator Operations - PMA Ltd
Date range 1988 - 1990    Quantity 4 cm, 1 file
Formats Memoranda, Minutes and Agendas, Loose Notes and Photocopied Documents
Inventory Identifier PMA0251 Box Number 52 Series 26
26-3 Safety Committee Minutes and Other Papers
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Looks to have been distributed to Rob Thomas.

Includes Safety Committee Minutes, ICI Safety and Occupational Health Manual, Safety Audit Report - PMA Laverton, injury report and lists of injuries.

Creator Operations - PMA Ltd
Date range 1986 - 1988    Quantity 2.5 cm, 1 file
Formats Reports, Memoranda, Minutes and Agendas and Manuals
Inventory Identifier PMA0252 Box Number 52 Series 26

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