Series 14 - Royal Australian Ornithological Union Expeditions

Date Range1947 - 1952
ProvenanceLucy Crosbie Morrison

Reprints, photographs, correspondence, notebook. Series includes photographs from 1952 expedition to Central Australia, and a report on 1948 expedition to Western Australia.

Inventory Listing

MORR00727 Miscellaneous material

Travel brochures and other information on central and northern Australia, no dates; 'Finke River Mission, Hermannsburg (a sketch of its history by Missionary S.O. Gross)', 2 pages, 1947; Centralian Advocate, 2 pages, 10 October 1952.

Creator Lucy Crosbie Morrison
Date range 1947 - 1952    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier 14-1 Series 14
MORR00728 Photographs, RAOU trip to Central Australia, 1952

Prints, no negatives. Locations include: Palm Valley; Rock Everlasting, Stanley Chasm; Ayers Rock; Simpson Desert; Koporilja Spring; Emily Gap, Macdonnell Ranges. Individuals include H.K. Love. File also contains some photographs from the Mackay Expedition of 1930 (Series 11).

Creator Lucy Crosbie Morrison
Date range 1952    Quantity 3 cm,
Inventory Identifier 14-2 Series 14
MORR00729 Photographs, RAOU trip to Central Australia, 1952

Prints, no negatives. Locations include: Angas Downs; Marree; Ooroowillani Sandhill, Sturt's Stony Desert; Ayer's Rock; between Hermannsburg and Palm Valley; Barrow Creek; approach to Stanley Chasm, Macdonnell Ranges; Mt Olga; Hugh River; Coward Springs. Individuals include: Bejah Dervish; H.K. Love; Norman Kearsley; Merri Hough; Mrs John (Eleanor) Hough; Lucy Crosbie Morrison.

Creator Lucy Crosbie Morrison
Date range 1952    Quantity 2.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier 14-3 Series 14
MORR00730 Photographs, RAOU trip to Central Australia, 1952

Prints, no negatives. Locations include: Warabba Waterhole; Sturt's Stony Desert; Emily Gap, near Alice Springs; Port Augusta; Rumbalara; Mt Conway, Macdonnell Ranges; The Amphitheatre; Ayer's Rock; Marree; Palm Valley; The Devil's Marbles; outskirts of Tibooburra; Birdsville Track; Maggies Spring; Ginger Pudding Mountain, Mt Olga. Individuals include: H.K. Love; Aborigines.

Creator Lucy Crosbie Morrison
Date range 1952    Quantity 2 cm,
Inventory Identifier 14-4 Series 14
MORR00731 Western Australia, 1948

Miscellaneous material, including: group photograph including Crosbie Morrison; copy of The Perth Legacy Bulletin, giving notice of talk by Crosbie Morrison; report to management of Herald and Weekly Times Ltd on trip; correspondence between Western Press Ltd and The Sun regarding Crosbie Morrison's accommodation in Perth; letter from James and Lucy Crosbie Morrison to Philip Crosbie Morrison; typescript of radio broadcast given by Crosbie Morrison to open the Western Australian branch of the Junior Naturalist's Club.

Creator Lucy Crosbie Morrison
Date range 26 August 1948 - 14 October 1948    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier 14-5 Series 14
MORR00732 Mallee (Lake Hattah), 1951

Spiral bound notebook Including Crosbie Morrison's observations; account of the trip written by Gordon Binns, published in Savings Weekly.

Creator Lucy Crosbie Morrison
Date range 9 October 1951 - 20 December 1951    Quantity 1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 14-6 Series 14
MORR00733 Photographs, expedition to Lake Hattah

Approximately 30 black and white photographs, some cropped, some pasted together to form composite pictures. Most have no annotations, some have 'Hattah' on the reverse. Collection includes posed group photographs, people eating and drinking and doing chores around the camp site, groups photographing and filming wildlife.

Creator Lucy Crosbie Morrison
Date range 1951    Quantity 1.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier 14-7 Series 14
MORR00734 Photographs, mostly expedition to Tasmania, 1955

Album of black and white photographs, nearly all unlabelled. Included as loose sheets are typed itineraries to trips to Tasmania in October 1949 and March 1954. Tasmanian section includes: social occasions; various group photographs; scenic views (including Tasman Arch and tessellated pavements on the Tasman Peninsula); numerous views of Port Arthur; a gathering of the party at Government House in Hobart; members of the party walking, at camp sites and at road side stops; various photographs of plants and trees; birds at their nests; photographs taken in a hop growing district, possibly New Norfolk or the lower midlands; the bare hills around Queenstown on the west coast; steam trains; memorial stone to Bruny D'Entrecasteaux; members of the party at Newstead House in Launceston; various views taken on a mountain, possibly Mount Wellington; looking out over a city, possibly Launceston; inside and outside views of a hotel or hostel; party of people on a boat; street in a small town; black swans; statue in a park; seagulls. Miscellaneous section includes: print of a sketch of Sir Redmond Barry's house; flowers; an aerial view obscured by clouds; the Kulkyne National Forest; Chalka Creek; birds; Lake Culleraine; a Christmas card from Japan in 1947; an undated personally printed Christmas card, presumed to be from Philip and Lucy Crosbie Morrison; Christmas card to Philip and Lucy Morrison from Ralph and Teddy Harris, showing Mount Ngauruhoc, New Zealand, 1957.

Creator Lucy Crosbie Morrison
Date range 1947 - 1955    Quantity 4 cm,
Inventory Identifier 14-8 Series 14
MORR00735 Photographs, expedition to Central Australia, 1952

Album of black and white photographs, most unlabelled, about one third unmounted. Includes: members of the party; snakes; birds; an old building apparently in ruins; various scenic views; aborigines; a camp site; cake made to commemorate the trip; a large lizard; Ayers Rock; Mount Olga from Ayers Rock; aerial photograph of Ayers Rock; Range outcrop between Ayers Rock and Mount Olga; springlet, Mount Olga; Mount Olga, western section; chasm, Mount Olga west; Mystic Plain, Mount Olga; Mount Olga, central dome; Alice Springs. Loose at the front of the album are group photographs of the party, as well as group photos of other RAOU trips, including one possibly to Noosa and one possibly to Portland. Also included is a letter to PCM from the travel agent organising the 1952 Central Australian trip, and a map including South Australia and Central Australia.

Creator Lucy Crosbie Morrison
Date range 1952    Quantity 5 cm,
Inventory Identifier 14-9 Series 14
MORR00736 RAOU Jubilee photographic exhibition

THIS ITEM IS MISSING. Ann McCarthy 7 August 2008.

Photographs by PCM mounted and captioned for RAOU exhibition. Includes: 'striptych' of photographs of brown thornbill; young pipits; female blue wren; hoary-headed grebe; flame robin; plain wanderer.

Creator Lucy Crosbie Morrison
Date range 1950
Inventory Identifier 14-10 Series 14

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