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1 Phillip Garth Law
Date Range: 21 April 1912 - 28 February 2010

Dr Phillip Law was a prominent and active member of the Australian scientific and academic community. As an Antarctic explorer, he was one of an elite group which boasted names likes Scott, Amundsen, Shackleton, Mawson, Byrd and Fuchs. Dr Law amassed a rich and significant collection of papers chronicling his childhood, education, family, interests and remarkable career. This archival collection is unique in terms of its content and breadth, particularly in relation to the development of post-war Australian exploration, the Antarctic, scientific pursuit and education.

2 Nel Law
Date Range: 21 August 1914 - 29 April 1990

Nel Law was married to P.G. Law, Antarctic explorer, scientist and educationalist. A talented artist, she was the first Australian woman to set foot on the Antarctic Continent, early in 1961.

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