Series List and Summary Descriptions

Series 1 Technical Records

This series contains notes, diagrams and other records on various technical subjects compiled or created by Nigel Joyce throughout his life. It includes records he compiled while working at the CSIR and ARL as well as notes from his Bachelor of Engineering degree gained at Sydney University.

Date Range: c. 1934 - c. 1980   Quantity: 68 cm, 36 files
Provenance: Nigel Bilbrough Joyce


Series 2 Technical Standards

This series contains technical standards issued by the Standards Association of Australia on matters to do with engineering and construction.

Date Range: 1939 - 1940   Quantity: 6 cm, 5 files
Provenance: Nigel Bilbrough Joyce


Series 3 Miscellanous Records

This series contains a school notebook kept by Nigel Joyce in high school, and a certificate of his membership of the Association of Professional Engineers Australia.

Date Range: c. 1934 - 1961   Quantity: 1.3 cm, 2 files
Provenance: Nigel Bilbrough Joyce


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