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images/ITAA00054t.jpg - 23KB
'the littl red hen' bie moris harrison & iIllustrated by Jorj Cropper.
A roiton reeder ita book, C. Tinley & Co. Ltd, UK.
Source Item 4-36

images/ITAA00144t.jpg - 15KB
'Sir James Pitman with four small Australians in their i.t.a. reading class',
ita journal, Number 7, May 1965.
Published by the Initial Teaching Alphabet Foundation, London.
Source Item 8-1

images/ITAA00042t.jpg - 24kb
'cum heer jet', the douning reederz - book 5 by John Downing, stories by Faith Graham.
Initital Teaching Publishing Co. Ltd., UK, 1963, p.1.
Source Item 4-24

images/ITAA00100bt.jpg - 25KB
Front cover of Educational Magazine, Volume 22, Number 2, March 1965,
Education Department of Victoria.
Source Item 5-40

images/ITAA00100at.jpg - 21KB
Front cover of The Education Circular Volume LXXII, No. 1, Feb 1970,
Education Department Western Australia.
Source Item 5-40

images/ITAA00072t.jpg - 21KB
The initial teaching alphabet. i.t.a.: a teachers guide, p. 7
The Initial Teaching Alphabet Foundation, Surrey, 1969?
Source Item 5-12

images/ITAA00037bt.jpg - 9KB
'tueb' word card (1966) displaying the key word & the i.t.a. phoneme
to the corresponding illustration (see above), Key Pictures and Sounds Display Kit,
Philograph Publications Ltd., London.
Source Item 4-19

images/ITAA00037at.jpg - 16KB
'tueb' display card (1965) from
Key Pictures and Sounds Display Kit,
Philograph Publications Ltd., London.
Source Item 4-19

images/ITAA00090t.jpg - 27KB
'Mie i.t.a. Card ov Pictuerz and Soundz' from
Key Pictures and Sounds Display Kit,
Philograph Publications Ltd., London, 1965.
Source Item 5-30

images/ITAA00021t.jpg - 16KB
An I.T.A. Dictionary Card.
Published by Kenworthy Educational Service, Inc., Buffalo, New York, 1968.
Source Item 4-3

images/ITAA00035t.jpg - 20KB
'Winnie the magpie', Spelling Sounds Book 1 by Stuart Bell,
Initial Teaching Company Co. Ltd, London 1968, p. 4.
Stories by Hannah Jopling. Illustrated by Alan Rogers and Jack Dadd.
Source Item 4-17

images/ITAA00063t.jpg - 11KB
'adama and awa' by Noel Insley and George O'Halloran & illustrated by Peter Kneebone.
i.t.a. speech readers, ita Publishing Co. Ltd., Belfast, 1969.
Source Item 5-3

images/ITAA00189t.jpg - 15KB
'Classic 12', 6 pitch i.t.a. typewriter, promotional picture.
Purchased by the i.t.a. Association (Australia) in 1977, from SCM Corporation in New York.
Source Item 8-46

images/ITAA00041t.jpg - 14KB
'Mie friends', Stories in Rhyme - Set 2 by Jessie Lintern.
Illustrated by Elizabeth Simmonds. Leighway Publishing, UK, 1979.

Source Item 4-23

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