Series 13 - APPENDIX: Records Held by CSIRO Archive

ProvenanceAndrew Crowther Hurley

Inventory Listing

Series SE/1129 Chemical Physics bimonthly reports by researchers in the Section

2 sets. Reports numbered 1-81 and duplicate set nos.41-52. Carbon copies held by A. L. G. Rees as Officer-in charge. Original reports were sent to I. W. Wark as Chief of the Division of Indusctrial Chemistry.

Date Range July 1945 - November 1958
Inventory Identifier 13-1 Series 13
Series SE/1130 Chemical Physics quarterly progress reports by researchers in the Division

2 sets. Reports numbered 1-85 and duplicate set nos.1-49. Primary set is the originals which came to A. L. G. Rees as Chief of the Division of Chemical Physics

Date Range December 1958 - February 1980
Inventory Identifier 13-2 Series 13
Series SE/1153 Chemical Physics half-yearly reports

Report numbered 1-8

Date Range March 1980 - February 1984
Inventory Identifier 13-3 Series 13
Series SE/1166 Rees, A. L. G. - Sundry Files

File 5 contains: Nominations for awards, 1955-1963 and includes the nomination of ACH for the Walter Burfitt Prize 1959 and the Royal Society of Victoria Medal 1962

Date Range 1955 - 1963
Inventory Identifier 13-4 Series 13

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