1 - Andrew Crowther Hurley

Date Range11 July 1926 - 14 October 1988

1926 - Born 11 July, at Melbourne, Victoria
- Melbourne Church of England Grammar School (Early education)
1947 - University of Melbourne (Graduated B.Sc. in mathematics and physics)
1949 - University of Melbourne (Graduated M.A. with first class honours in the school of mathematics for his thesis `The Irreducible Crystal Classes in Four Dimensions'. His supervisor was Dr Hans Schwerdtfeger.)
1950 - 1952 - Trinity College, Cambridge (Member, awarded a Ph.D. for his research in theoretical chemistry under Sir John Lennard-Jones)
1953 - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Division of Industrial Chemistry
1954 - 1956 - Trinity College, Cambridge (Fellowship, worked in the Theoretical Chemistry Department of the University of Cambridge)
1957 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Worked with Professor J.C. Slater's solid state and molecular theory group)
1958 -1988 - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Division of Chemical Physics 1958-1986 (Promoted to Chief Research Scientist 1968), Division of Materials Science and Technology 1986-1988
1959 - Colorado Conference on Molecular Quantum Mechanics (Invited Lecturer)
1961 - Oxford Quantum Chemistry Conference (Invited Lecturer)
1962 - 1963 - Institute for Atomic Research and Department of Chemistry, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA (Visiting Lecturer. Work was performed in the Ames Laboratory of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission)
1967 - 1984 - International Journal of Quantum Chemistry (Member of the Advisory Editorial Board)
1971 - Australian Academy of Science (Fellow)
1976 - Published two books: Introduction to the Electron Theory of Small Molecules features a thorough treatment of symmetry, the electrostatic and virial theorems, and extensive accounts of the systems H2+ and H2 and the Hartree-Fock method.
Electron Correlation in Small Molecules is a research monograph giving a systematic account of pair theories and other approaches to the correlation problem.
1988 - Died 14 October, at Melbourne, Victoria

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