Series 11 - Oversize Materials

Date Range1980 - 1982
ProvenanceAndrew Crowther Hurley

Photographs, overhead projections for lectures and talks, poster presentations in segments

Inventory Listing

11-1 Mounted Overhead Transparencies

Electron density distribution charts for HCN. 4 charts, n.d.

Inventory Identifier 11-1 Box Number 15 Series 11
11-2 Mounted Photographs

Four photographs (CSIRO Chemical Research Laboratories Photographic Services Negative numbers 3748/1-4) mounted on two sheets of cardboard. The photographs record the notes made on the 'whiteboard' during a talk by ACH titled 'Asymptotic Adjustment (AA) Method (ICC in disguise). Birth, life & death of Atoms-in-molecules (AIM) theory', during a visit by K. Ruedenberg to the Division of Chemical Physics for four months from 30 September 1982. n.d. (1982)

Date Range c. 1982
Inventory Identifier 11-2 Box Number 15 Series 11
11-3 Hurley-Moodie 3-Beam Posters.

Poster referred to in file 6/64 regarding publication no.58 'The role of projection operators in the theory of N-beam diffraction and the inversion of three-beam elastic scattering intensities' by A. C. Hurley, A. F. Moodie, and A. W. S. Johnson presented at the Molecular Physics and Quantum Chemistry Conference, Sydney, February 1980. Poster is made up of 19 panels 30cm x 40cm.

Date Range February 1980
Inventory Identifier 11-3 Box Number 15 Series 11
11-4 Analysis of the Covalent Bond: One-centre Floating Functions for the Hydrogen Molecule Ion

Large format diagrams and figures for use in publication no.61

Date Range 1981 - 1982
Inventory Identifier 11-4 Box Number 15 Series 11

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