Series 9 - CSIRO - Division of Chemical Physics -Theoretical Chemistry Section Correspondence

Date Range1949 - 1987
ProvenanceAndrew Crowther Hurley

Inwards and outwards correspondence, expenditure estimates and similar documents

Inventory Listing

9-1 Chronological Correspondence 1962-1973

Correspondence with the Quantum Chemistry Program Exchange; A. L. G. Rees; G. R. Schrager; CSIRO Officers' Association; R. D. Brown; R. Bader; R. K. Nesbet; M. Krauss; T. Pearcey; J. C. Browne; K. Ruedenberg; L. F. Gaywood; J. B. Willis; C. A. Coulson; V. W. Maslen. Typescript articles for CSIRO brochures. CRL Annual Report 1963/64. Memorandum of Agreement with Academic Press, London regarding the writing of the book 'Electronic Theory of Small Molecules'

Date Range 1962 - 1973    Quantity 0.8 cm,
Inventory Identifier 9-1 Box Number 13 Series 9
9-2 Chronological Correspondence 1976-1978

Documents concerning CSIRO Studentship Committee re P. R. Taylor; overseas trip by ACH; the implementation of the government decisions on the report of the Independent Inquiry into CSIRO 1978

Date Range 1976 - 1978    Quantity 0.6 cm,
Inventory Identifier 9-2 Box Number 13 Series 9
9-3 Chronological Correspondence 1980

Correspondence with P. W. Ford; M. Scarlett, Swinburne Institute of Technology; L. T. Chadderton; R. Glass; K. J. Thrift; P. R. Taylor; J. D. Morrison; D. P. Craig; C. A. Hurst; I. G. Fuss; R. Ahlrichs; Ramsay Memorial Fellowships Trust; Review of 'Algorithmic/Graph Theory and Perfect Graphs' by M. C. Golumbic

Date Range 1980    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier 9-3 Box Number 13 Series 9
9-4 Chronological Correspondence 1981-1985

Correspondence with CSIRO Division of Computing Research; K. Ruedenberg; R. D. Brown; L. T. Chadderton; P. W. Ford; M. Scarlett; R. H. Nobes; C. L. Davies; W. D. Wallis; L. Radom; J. P. Wild; P. O. Bishop; H. F. Schaefer III; I. Shavitt; M. Krauss; N. H. Fletcher

Date Range 1981 - 1985    Quantity 1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 9-4 Box Number 13 Series 9
9-5 Estimates and Other Documents

Correspondence with R. G. Parr; A. L. G. Rees; G. B. Gresford; N. S. Noble; G. G. Rossiter, United States Educational Foundation in Australia; I. W. Wark. Financial estimates for Theoretical Chemistry; circular on superannuation; aeroplane tickets and receipts; documents re travel to the Conference on Molecular Quantum Mechanics at the University of Colorado 1959. Curriculum vitae for ACH 1953. Typescript copy of University of Melbourne certificate of matriculation

Date Range 1949 - 1962    Quantity 0.8 cm,
Inventory Identifier 9-5 Box Number 13 Series 9
9-6 Estimates

Financial estimates for the CSIRO Division of Chemical Physics, Theoretical Chemistry group

Date Range 1965 - 1976    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier 9-6 Box Number 13 Series 9
9-7 Miscellaneous

Various documents dealing with the Division of Chemical Physics including the external inquiry 1977; collaborative programmes; quantum chemistry project; reviews from P. R. Taylor; financial estimates. Correspondence from A. L. G. Rees and J. R. Price

Date Range 1975 - 1983    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier 9-7 Box Number 13 Series 9
9-8 Miscellaneous

Various documents dealing with the Division of Chemical Physics printed out from ACH's directory on the personal computer in his work area. Includes correspondence with A. Pik and C. M. Adam, and ACH's contributions to Sectional reports

Date Range 1986 - 1987    Quantity 0.3 cm,
Inventory Identifier 9-8 Box Number 13 Series 9

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