Series 7 - Correspondence - Chronological

Date Range1971 - 1987
ProvenanceAndrew Crowther Hurley

Inwards and outwards correspondence filed in 2 or 3 yearly groups, reports

Inventory Listing

7-1 General Correspondence 1971-1972

Correspondence with D. P. Craig; Academic Press, New York; R. D. Brown, Monash University re A. R. Gregory; Australian National University; R. G. Parr; R. Robertson, Australian Academy of Science; W. Meyer; K. Roby; J. Cotton, University of Queensland Chemical Society; A. D Buckingham; Australian Mathematical Society; International Journal of Quantum Chemistry re L. L. Boyle; report re J. Loter and R. E. Christoffersen; W. G. Richards; Australian Journal of Chemistry re I. J. Miller; Advances in Quantum Chemistry; R. Nesbet; La Trobe University re D. D. Muller; J. C. Patel; P. Rajagopal; H. Hartmann; Australian Journal of Physics re C. F. Osborne; S. Huzinaga; V. W. Maslen; A. L. G. Rees; L. C. W. Baker

Date Range January 1971 - December 1972    Quantity 1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 7-1 Box Number 11 Series 7
7-2 General Correspondence 1973-1976

Correspondence with H. F. Schaefer III; Australian Journal of Chemistry; B. Markey; N. Hush; R. G. Parr; School of Chemistry, University of Sydney; L. Salem; I. E. McCarthy; C. Moser; International Journal of Quantum Chemistry; University of Melbourne; K. R. Roby; R. G. Cooks; Journal of Chemical Physics; R. D. Harcourt; Quantum Chemistry Program Exchange, Indiana University; Nature; Theoretica Chimica Acta; Queen Elizabeth Fellowships Committee

Date Range February 1973 - September 1976    Quantity 0.6 cm,
Inventory Identifier 7-2 Box Number 11 Series 7
7-3 General Correspondence 1977-1979

Correspondence with Nature; M. Kasha; University of Sydney; N. Hush; S. F. Mason; International Journal of Quantum Chemistry; Israel Journal of Chemistry; R. Pauncz; I. D. Rae; Royal Australian Chemical Institute; H. C. Longuet-Higgins; A. M. Lesk; P. Burton; D. ter Haar; J. Bonar; P.-O. LÖwdin; R. D. Harcourt; N. S. Wittee; Wolfson College, Oxford; Commonwealth Department of Science; La Trobe University; V. R. Saunders; Nuffield Foundation; S. L. Altmann; P. R. Taylor; R. G. Parr; B. Roos

Date Range March 1977 - December 1979    Quantity 0.6 cm,
Inventory Identifier 7-3 Box Number 11 Series 7
7-4 General Correspondence 1980[-1981]

Correspondence with P. R. Taylor; University of Sydney; B. N. Figgis; L. T. Chadderton; Australian Physicist; N. S. Hush; Academic Press, London; Australian Academy of Science; S. D. Peyerimhoff; S. K. Kauffmann; W. L. Luken, Duke University; R. K. Nesbet

Date Range January 1980 - December 1980    Quantity 0.6 cm,
Inventory Identifier 7-4 Box Number 11 Series 7
7-5 General Correspondence [1982-]1983

Correspondence with B. Hyde; Temple University; P. Burton; K. Ruedenberg; F. S. Stephens; University of Western Australia; Australian-American Educational Foundation; La Trobe University; Australian Institute of Physics; C. Rodger; Monash University; University of Wollongong; Journal of Chemical Physics

Date Range January 1983 - November 1983    Quantity 0.4 cm,
Inventory Identifier 7-5 Box Number 12 Series 7
7-6 General Correspondence 1984-1985

Correspondence with D. J. Klein; S. N. Datta; A. D. Buckingham, Chemical Physics Letters; L. Radom; Australian Academy of Science; Australian Journal of Physics; University of New South Wales; A. Mathieson; Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore; Australian Journal of Chemistry; Australian Journal of Physics; L. T. Chadderton; D. P. Craig; Trinity College, Cambridge

Date Range January 1984 - September 1985    Quantity 0.4 cm,
Inventory Identifier 7-6 Box Number 12 Series 7
7-7 General Correspondence 1986-1987

Correspondence with A. Head; S. Colwell; M. D. Gould; Academic Press, London; P. R. Taylor; Monash University; Trinity College, Cambridge; R. G. Parr; Advances in Quantum Chemistry; Australian Journal of Chemistry; D. R. Salahub, Université de Montréal; NASA Ames Research Center, USA; T. J. Meyer; H. K. Wagenfeld; N. C. Handy

Date Range February 1986 - April 1987    Quantity 0.3 cm,
Inventory Identifier 7-7 Box Number 12 Series 7

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