Series 1 - Personal - Biographical

Date Range1944 - 1988
ProvenanceAndrew Crowther Hurley

Correspondence, typescripts, photographs, reprints

Inventory Listing

1-1 Obituary Notes

Notes prepared by V. Maslen after ACH's death; curriculum vitae; short death notice; lists of publications and sets of journals

Date Range 1988    Quantity 0.3 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-1 Box Number 1 Series 1
1-2 Curriculum vitae and supporting documents

Curriculum vitae; University of Melbourne matriculation certificate; nomination for the David Rivett Memorial Medal 1965; lists of publications and biographical material

Date Range 1944 - 1988    Quantity 0.6 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-2 Box Number 1 Series 1
1-3 Monash University, Application for the chair in mathematics

Manuscript and typescript 'Statement of Evidence'; personal and academic references; conditions of appointment; correspondence with C. A. Coulson, R. G. Parr, A. L. G. Rees, T. M. Cherry, J. C. Slater, W. G. D. Upjohn; lists of publications

Date Range 1960    Quantity 0.4 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-3 Box Number 1 Series 1
1-4 International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, issue marking Andrew Hurley's 60th birthday

Correspondence with V. Maslen and P. R. Taylor; 'Information for contributors' sheets; typescript of 'Explicit Galois Resolvents for Sextic Equations' by A. C. Hurley and A. K. Head

Date Range 1985    Quantity 0.3 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-4 Box Number 1 Series 1
1-5 Photograph

Black and White mounted photograph of ACH as a young man, not dated; inscription on back reads: No 3255-5; signed by the photographer ?? Shier

Date Range 1940s    Quantity 0.1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-5 Box Number 1 Series 1
1-6 Photograph - D. P. Craig Symposium

Black and White photograph of the group attending the symposium; unlabelled, ACH fourth row from the front on the far right

Date Range 1985    Quantity 0.1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-6 Box Number 1 Series 1
1-7 Reprints from other scientists

This file contains an example of the annotated reprints sent to ACH, mostly in the latter part of his career. Includes articles by O. Sinanoglu; L. L. Boyle and K. F. Green; B. R. Brooks, W. D. Laidig, P. Saxe, and H. F. Schafer III; L. Åsbrink, C, Fridh and E. Lindholm; J. N. Kotzev, M. I. Aroyo and M. N. Angelova; E. Deumens, Y. Öhrn, L. Lathouwers and P. Van Leuven; R. D. Harcourt, F. L. Skrezenek, R. M. Wilson and R. H. Flegg; A. K. Chandra; E. A. Halevi; N. Agmon

Date Range 1975 - 1985    Quantity 2 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-7 Box Number 1 Series 1
1-8 Information from CSIRO Archive

Information compiled by CSIRO Archive about records they hold relating to ACH. Photocopies of series description sheets, correspondence relating to nominations for prizes, lists of publications and a cutting from CoResearch Vol.159 June 1972. See the Appendix for details. Compiled 1989; Content 1945-1984

Date Range 1945 - 1984    Quantity 0.2 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-8 Box Number 1 Series 1

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