Series 18 - Audio-visual Materials

Date Range1968 - 1987
Quantity1 Box
ProvenanceRonald Gordon Giovanelli

Video cassettes, 16mm and 35mm cinefilms, audio cassettes

Inventory Listing

18-1 Flare

Transcription from label reads: 9 June 1968 Registered Negative; 35mm, 100ft Kodalith Negative, "LAB/O" 5290; CSIRO - Micro. Transcription from leader reads: 9/6/68 12" FGN Re-registered CSIRO 8604

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1968
Inventory Identifier 18-1 Box Number 29 Series 18
18-2 Giovanelli's Positive Flare Print

We presume this 35mm safety film of about 100ft is a print of the negative above; no further information is available from the label. Transcription from leader reads: % 3863 13.6-68 CSIRO 719.720.

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1968
Inventory Identifier 18-2 Box Number 29 Series 18
18-3 Magnetic Field Movie

16mm cinefilm. Transcription on box reads: 4 mins @ 16 frames/sec 3 mins @ 24 frames/sec (1) Cinefilm of magnetic fields (2) Ha c/w magneticfield The Aerospace Corp. San Fernando Observatory. Transcription on leader reads: Magnetic Field Movie 26 Jan 1970 San Fernando Observatory The Aerospace Corp.

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1970
Inventory Identifier 18-3 Box Number 29 Series 18
18-4 Waves

16mm cinefilm, 300ft. Transcription on label reads: WAVES (1) Culgoora waves in sun spots (ii) Sac Peak Obs - Ha & K - waves in fibrils (iii) Velocity pulses in fibrils in active regions. Transcription from leader reads: Supreme Film Pty Ltd ... project at 16 frames/sec, n.d.

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Inventory Identifier 18-4 Box Number 29 Series 18
18-5 R.G.G. Talk (dup[licat]e)

Sony video-cassette KCS20 U-matic S 20-minute tape. Duplicate of a talk given by Ron Giovanelli shortly before his death. The tape was shown at a conference not long after he died. The video is of Giovanelli talking about the current state of solar physics, especially flux tubes, prominences, reconnection. It was recorded in 1983 but he refers back to his time at the Commonwealth Solar Observatory, Mt Stromlo 1937-1939. There is no title, date or identification on the tape. It runs for about 13 minutes. Note from Professor L. Cram: thought to be prepared for a conference on Magnetic Reconnection held at Los Alamos in late 1983 or early 1984.

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1983?
Inventory Identifier 18-5 Box Number 29 Series 18
18-6 Interview with J.H. Piddington

Interview at Jack Piddington's home, 30 January 1987. Also present were Kath Giovanelli, Gavan McCarthy and Pat Piddington. Recorded on BASF LHextraI C90 audio cassette. Interview starts on Side 1.
Running Index:
- JPs move to RGs division at CSIRO
- JPs trip overseas
- Change from radar to solar research
- Kitt Peak - with Bill Livingston; first visit in 1974 working on Io - Jupiter
- Solar wind research
- KG talking about RG at Sacramento Peak and Kitt Peak; mentions Jack Harvey, Harry Jones, Bill Livingston and JP, 1979-
- IPS computer with cathode ray display
- Funding of research - American/Australian Joint Venture in Solar magnetic fields - done unofficially
- Finding out how solar magnetic fields are generated
- How the new ideas were introduced to the interested scientific community
- Funding of Kitt Peak - a collective of American universities
- Closure of Sacramento Peak, J.T. Jefferies and funding cuts
- Hawaii
- Retirement 1974
- Why Culgoora slowed down - money
- Changes in the Laboratory and the move to industry
- 1936 - pre-war radar development - JP
- 1939 - back in Australia; radar at University of Sydney; radar installation at Darwin; Brian Cooper; air warnings - radar installation in New Guinea, New Britain and Thursday Island
- David Martyn - his early work
- Range of Darwin radar
- David Martyn; Radiophysics at the University of Sydney; Coast defence system - range 20 miles; war work
- 22. Sydney war work - radar designed and built in a week and in use for 9 months
- Army/Services technicians not trained to install the radar
- Changes in technology and their application to science
- M. Oliphant and the Homopolar Generator; magnetron - Boot and Randell
- F.M. Burnet and anthrax
- D.F. Martyn
- R. Loughhead at Mt Stromlo

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1974? - c. 1987
Inventory Identifier 18-6 Box Number 29 Series 18
18-7 Interview with R. Loughhead, R. Bray and C. Durrant

Interview at the National Measurement Laboratory, 30 January 1987. Also present were Kath Giovanelli and Gavan McCarthy. Recorded on BASF LH-EI 90 audio cassette. Interview starts on Side 1. Mostly conversational reminiscences of Giovanelli at the National Measurement Laboratory, how he was perceived by people and the effect he had on his colleagues in the work place.
Running Index:
- R.J. Bray; Solar physics, CSIRO 1956
- R. Loughhead; H. Messel and Victor Bailey 1954
- Sharing the Office
- Coronagraph on Mt K. not high enough; Fleurs 1957
- White Light Telescope; sunspots and granulation
- Solar Patrol Telescope - it was the first
- Culgoora, 1 January 1965; Official Opening
- New Magnetograph
- All astronomy moving out of CSIRO
- RGG in the 1950s and 1960s
- C.Durrent; first met RGG in the 1970s; IAU

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1954 - 1987
Inventory Identifier 18-7 Box Number 29 Series 18
18-8 Interview with George Bell

Interview at Kath Giovanelli's Home in Hunters Hill, 31 January 1987. Also present were Kath Giovanelli, Gavan McCarthy and Mrs Bell. Recorded on TDK AD90 audio cassette. Interview starts on Side 1. Mostly reminiscences of the trip to Teddington, U.K., in 1940. Unfortunately the tape machine ran out of power (batteries too low) and most of the interview was lost.
Running Index:
- Personal reminiscences of Penny Riley - RGG's secretary
- RGG's use of the English language
- G. Bell; first memories of RGG, trip to Teddington, U.K.; Mal Thompson; P&O Liner "Strathmore" early February 1940; Arthur Nixon; playing Handel sonatas - GB on violin and RGG on piano; the trip to England through Suez under full blackout conditions;
- At Teddington, U.K.
- Leaving Teddington, U.K.
- Setting up the National Standards Laboratory, Sydney
- Looking at industrial equipment
- Equipment lost at sea.
- Trip back to Sydney via the USA and Canada

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1987
Inventory Identifier 18-8 Box Number 29 Series 18

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