Series 9 - Solar Variability and Terrestrial Phenomena

Date Range1960s - 1980s
Quantity1 Box
ProvenanceRonald Gordon Giovanelli

Draft papers, reprints, working papers, press cuttings, correspondence, photographs

Inventory Listing

9-1 Varves

Draft papers, reprints, working papers, newspapers clippings and correspondence mainly relating to varves (annual sedimentation layers). Includes draft papers: "Precambrian varves and sunspot cycles" by G.E. Williams; "Cyclic lamination in the late Precambrian Elatina formation and its palaeoclimatic significance" by G.E. Williams; Typescript of material for Secrets of the Sun by RGG with corrections by G.E. Williams; Reprints: "Solar-climatic cycles in the geological past: Proposal for diamond-drilling the Elatina formation (ca. 680 million years old), South Australia" by G.E. Williams; "Varve cycles in the Weeli Wolli formation of the Precambrian Hamersley Group, Western Australia" by A.F. Trendall; Correspondence: Inwards and outwards correspondence between RGG and G.E. Williams; G.G. Ellsworth, Smithsonian Institution to RGG; Photocopy of letter from Neville Wran to D.C. Morton; Newspaper clippings: "This astronomer may be the last: Money for research cut by Government" in The Sydney Morning Herald, 1 July 1982; "Aust joins space telescope project" in The Sydney Morning Herald, 20 August 1982; Working papers "A comparison between solar activity in the late Precambrian and at present"; "Institut d'Astrophysique - Report 1979-1980 (as of Sept 81)"

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1981 - 1983    Quantity 1.4 cm,
Inventory Identifier 9-1 Box Number 18 Series 9
9-2 Varves. Photographs

Photographs and negatives of varves. Includes 20 black and white photographs and 6 photographic negatives of varves (annual sedimentation layers), and covering letter from G.E. Williams

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1982    Quantity 0.6 cm,
Inventory Identifier 9-2 Box Number 18 Series 9
9-3 Weather and solar variability

Papers, reprints, and working papers on the relationship between solar variability and the weather. Includes papers and reprints: "Some remarks concerning the periodicity of changes in the properties of active regions" by M. Kopecky; "The peculiarities of recurrent sunspot groups distribution according to the observed life-times" by M. Kopecky (in Russian); "What will the level of solar activity be in the future decades?" by M. Kopecky; "Improved forecast of the maximum relative numbers of 11-year sunspot cycles at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century" by M. Kopecky; "Dependence of extreme values of sunspot relative numbers on the height of the 11-year cycle and its application on the abnormally high solar activity prediction for the next century" by M. Kopecky; "The occurrence of sunspot groups and the velocity of solar rotation at heliographic latitudes = or >40 by M. Kopeck; "Does the 80-year sunspot period affect the duration in central Europe" by M. Kopecky and J. Reichrt; "Some indices of sunspot groups in the 11-year cycle no. 20" by M. Kopecky; "Rainfall patterns in South Africa, south eastern Australia and New Zealand" by R.G. Vines; "Rainfall patterns in the western United States" by R.G. Vines; "Analyses of South African rainfall" by R.G. Vines; "Weather patterns and bush-fire cycles in southern Australia" by R.G. Vines; "An analysis of New Zealand's rainfall" by R.G. Vines; "Crop yields and the solar cycle" by R.G. Vines; "Rainfall patterns in southern South America, and possible relationships with similar patterns in South Africa" by R.G. Vines; "Features of the sunspot cycle" by R.G. Vines; "Weather and the Earth's magnetic field" by J.W. King; "Solar-climatic cycles in the geological past: Report on diamond-drilling the Elatina formation, Pichi Richi Pass, South Australia" by G.E. Williams; "The historical record of solar activity" by J.A. Eddy; "Solar activity and precipitation" by J. Xanthakis; "Variations solaires et climatiques dans le passé historique" by F. Link; "Possible influence of solar rotation on tropospheric circulation" by J.M. Willcox; "Particulate layers, vertical winds and sun-weather relationships" by K.D. Cole; "On the reality of a sun-weather effect" by J.M. Wilcox and others; "Variation with time of a sun-weather effect" by J.M. Wilcox and P.H. Scherrer; "Solar activity and the weather" by L. Svalgaard; "Evidence of a 22-year rhythm of drought in the western United States related to the Hale solar cycle since the 17th century" by J. Murray, Jr. and others; "A view of solar magnetic fields, the solar corona, and the solar wind in three dimensions" by L. Svalgaard and J.M. Wilcox; "Climate and the changing sun" by J.A. Eddy; "The Maunder Minimum" by J.A. Eddy; "Sun-weather relationships" by J.W. King; "On the reality of the effect of solar corpuscular streams on the lower layers of the Earth's atmosphere" by E.R. Mustel; "Temporal fluctuations of atmospheric 14C: Causal factors and implications" by P.E. Damon, J.C. Lerman and A. Long; "Possible relationships between rainfall, crop yields and the sunspot cycle" by R.G. Vines; "The double sunspot cycle and rainfall" by R.G. Vines; "The role of ICSU in the world climate programme" by J.C.I. Dooge

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1960s - 1980s    Quantity 4.7 cm,
Inventory Identifier 9-3 Box Number 18 Series 9
9-4 Australia and the transit of Venus

Typescript of paper "Australia and the transit of Venus" by R.J. Bray, and 5 photographs

Creator Ronald Gordon Giovanelli
Date range 1980s    Quantity 0.3 cm,
Inventory Identifier 9-4 Box Number 18 Series 9

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