2 - Barwick, Richard

Date Range1 September 1929 - 10 November 2012

Richard Essex Barwick was the husband of Diane Barwick. Richard Barwick actively supported his wife's anthropological work and political activities. The couple worked as a team both privately and in many aspects of their professional lives.

Richard Barwick was born in Christchurch, New Zealand. He completed a BSc in 1953, and an MSc with 1st class Honours in Zoology in 1955, both at Victoria University of Wellington. In 1966 he graduated as a PhD from the Department of Earth and Marine Sciences of the Australian National University in Canberra.

Richard Barwick joined Canberra University College as a lecturer in zoology in 1960, and retired from his post as reader in zoology in 1992 after 36 years as a teacher. From 1994 until his retirement in 2006, Richard Barwick was a Visiting Fellow in the Department of Geology at Australian National University.

Richard Barwick was a member of the New Zealand Section Transantarctic Expedition to McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, in 1956-57 and again in 1957-58.

Richard Barwick was also an illustrator and graphic designer. He designed the covers of the Aboriginal History journal from its first volume in 1977, and produced many of its maps and diagrams. He also created the covers and advertising material for monographs published by the Board of Aboriginal History.

Richard Barwick was co-editor of the manuscript of Rebellion at Coranderrk, along with Laura Barwick. This manuscript was unfinished at the time of Diane Barwick's death. Rebellion at Coranderrk was published as Aboriginal History Monograph, No 5, 1995.

Richard Barwick died on 10 November 2012 at Canberra Hospital.

Richard Barwick's curriculum vitae, provided to Ann McCarthy by Richard Barwick, October 2006.

'Richard Barwick, Tribute', Canberra Times, 17 November 2012.

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