Tall Poppies Progran

This project is an initiative of the Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre and the Australian Institute of Political Science, Tall Poppies Program.

Discovery and Endeavour: Celebrating Australian Science

The project was established through the support of SmithKline Beecham logo

Australia's scientific, technological and medical heritage is populated by the actions of thousands of individuals all contributing to the development of our society. Some of them have become famous, some notorious, but all have a special story to tell.

Through this site you can access information from The Encyclopedia of Australian Science to find out who was born 100 years ago or 200 years ago and who died 100 or 200 years ago.

Use this gateway to explore, compare, contrast and reflect on how things have changed over the last few centuries and in particular how the people involved in science, technology and medicine have influenced events in Australia.

The Encyclopedia of Australian Science is a large, dynamic web-based resource that contains information on over 3,000 individuals who have contributed to Australia's scientific, technological and medical heritage. An Encyclopedia of Australian Science entry will lead you to relevant published sources, archival records and museum artefacts, both on and off the Web.

Featured 1999 Centenaries: