1 - Victor Martin Trikojus

Date Range5 February 1902 - 27 January 1985

1902 : born 5 February in Darlinghurst (Sydney) Australia
1907 - 1911 : Darlinghurst Public School (Student)
1911 : Father (August Martin) died in August
1911-19[13] : William Street Public School (Student)
19[13]-1915 : Milson's Point Public School (Student)
1916 - 1920 : Sydney Technical High School (Head Prefect, Captain and Dux of the School, bursary from the New South Wales Department of Education)
1921 : NSW Department of Agriculture, Accounts Branch (Cadet)
1921 - 1924 : University of Sydney (Bachelor of Science (Honours). Influenced in his study by Prof. J. Kenner FRS, Prof. J. Read FRS, and Mr. H.G. Smith. Involved in the Science Association, the Undergraduate Committee and the Science Faculty first rowing eight.)
1925 - 1927 : 1851 Exhibition Science Research Scholarship.
1925 - 1926 : Oxford University (Doctor of Philosophy, studied with Prof. W.H. Perkin Jnr, Dr. W.N. Haworth and Prof. N.V. Sidgwick)
1926 : Queen's College, Oxford (with other Australians including J.C. Eccles, L. Huxley, H.K. Hunt and R. Sholl. Rowed in the Queen's College eight.)
1927 - 1928 : Laboratorium des staates, Munich, Germany, directed by H. Wieland. (Other scientists there at the time included R. Willstatter, H. Fischer, A. Sommerfeld and K. Fajans; all Nobel Laureates)
1928 - 1932 : Sydney University, Department of Organic Chemistry. (Lecturer)
1932 : Married Elisabeth (Lisuscha) Annie Engels
1932 - 1943 : Sydney University, Department of Medicine (Lecturer in Medical Organic Chemistry and to take charge of the chemical laboratories in the "New Medical School".)
1936 - 1937 : University of Freiburg im Breisgau, Pharmakologisches Institute with A. Loeser University College, London, Biochemistry Department with J.C. Drummond (Sabbatical Leave)
1937 : Birth of daughter Natalja (Natasha) Elisabeth
1939-19[42] : Australian Association of Scientific Workers, Drug Sub-Committee (Inaugural Chairman)
[1939-1944] : Medical Equipment Control Committee (Director of Research. Bringing into large scale production the drugs sulphaguanidine, ascorbic acid vitamin C) and phenolphthalein)
1940 : Birth of son Alexander (Sasha) Martin
1943 - 1968 : University of Melbourne, School of Biochemistry (Professor and Head of the School)
1943 - 1968 : Food Standards Committee of the State of Victoria (member), the Commonwealth Nutrition Committee (Member) and the Commonwealth Food Additives Committee (Member) [Dates unsure for the last two]
1945 : H.G. Smith Memorial Medal, Royal Australian Chemical Institute
1946 - 1947 : Overseas tour to England, Germany and the U.S.A. (including membership of the Commonwealth Government Technical Mission to postwar Germany)
1946 - 1957 : U.N.E.S.C.O., Natural Sciences Section of the Australian Advisory Committee (Member, Chairman)
[ ] : National Health and Medical Research Council, Medical Research Advisory Committee (Member)
1951 : University of Cambridge (research)
1952 : Tufts University, Boston, U.S.A. (research)
1954 : Australian Academy of Science (Fellow)
1956 : U.N.E.S.C.O., Ninth General Assembly in New Delhi (Member of the Australian Delegation)
1960 : University of Utah, Salt Lake City, U.S.A. (research)
1962 - 1967 : Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Australian Advisory Council (Member)
1963 - 1964 : University of Melbourne (Dean of Graduate Studies)
1964 : 6th International Congress of Biochemistry, New York, U.S.A. (Australian Delegate)
1965 - 1966 : Australian Research Grants Committee (foundation member)
1965 - 1966 : Tufts University, Boston, U.S.A. (research)
1965 - 1967 : United States Public Health Service Fellowships, Australian Nominating Committee (Chairman)
1967 : 7th International Congress of Biochemistry, Tokyo, Japan (Australian Delegate)
1967 - 1973 : International Union of Biochemistry (Member of the Council)
1967 : University of Melbourne (Chairman of the Professorial Board)
1968 : Retirement 29 February
: 3rd International Congress of Endocrinology, Mexico City, Mexico (Australian Delegate)
1968- : University of Melbourne (Honorary Research Professor and then Honorary Professor)
1969 - 1970 : C.S.I.R.O., Prospect, New South Wales and the University of Melbourne School of Chemistry (Senior Visiting Scientist)
1970 : 8th International Congress of Biochemistry, Interlaken, Switzerland (Member of Council of I.U.B.)
1971 : Commander of the Order of the British Empire [C.B.E.] for 'services to science and government'
1973 : 9th International Congress of Biochemistry, Stockholm, Sweden (Member of Council of I.U.B.)
1985 : died 27 January in Melbourne, Australia

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