Series 2 - Correspondence

Date Range1937 - 1986
Quantity6.6 cm, 7 items
ProvenancePhyllis Margaret Rountree

Mostly correspondence, but also includes copies of papers, reports and reprints, and a list of PMR's published papers as at November 1949.

Inventory Listing

2-1 Letter

Letter from PMR to The Registrar, University of Melbourne, applying for admission to the degree of Doctor of Science in Bacteriology. Includes list of PMR's published scientific works. Dated 21 November 1949.

Creator Phyllis Margaret Rountree
Date range 1949    Quantity 0.1 cm,
Formats General Correspondence and Lists
Inventory Identifier 2-1 Series 2
2-2 Correspondence - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Inwards and outwards correspondence regarding PMR's appointment to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in 1944. Includes: Reference from the Asst. Director of WEHI, 1937; letter from Dr Alan B. Lilley (General Superintendent Royal Prince Alfred Hospital) to the Deputy Director-General of Manpower NSW; letters from PMR to the Deputy Director of Manpower Victoria regarding her problems with and release from employment at Commonwealth Food Control; correspondence between PMR and Dr Lilley regarding the title of her position at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Also includes a letter to PMR from F.H. Johnson (Registrar, University of Melbourne), containing examiners' remarks on PMR's Doctoral thesis.

Creator Phyllis Margaret Rountree
Date range 1937 - 1950    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Formats General Correspondence
Inventory Identifier 2-2 Series 2
2-3 Correspondence and papers

Inwards and outwards correspondence between PMR and the editor of the Medical Journal of Australia; between PMR and Dr D.I. Annear (Dept of Microbiology, UWA) regarding testing of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococci. Includes: paper by PMR and Mary A. Beard 'Hospital Strains of Staphylococcus Aureus, with Particular Reference to Methicillin-Resistant Strains'; paper by PMR, 'Bacteriological Investigations at Ernabella Mission'; material relating to the death of E.G.D. Murray.

Creator Phyllis Margaret Rountree
Date range 1964 - 1967    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Formats General Correspondence, Numeric Data and Drafts
Inventory Identifier 2-3 Series 2
2-4 'Old letters'

Inwards and outwards correspondence regarding: outbreaks of food poisoning; phage typing and samples; requests for information from Australia, Britain, USA, West Germany, Sweden, Italy; PMR's retirement from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Correspondents include: Professor F.M. Burnet (WEHI); Dr Mary Barber (Hammersmith Hospital Medical School, London); Dr Charles H. Rammelkamp (Western Reserve University, Ohio); Dr Luigi Silvestri (Istituto Superiore di Sanitá, Rome); Seymour Cohen (Research Department, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia); Stephen Ormerod (Public Health Lab, University of Melbourne); R.L. Williams (Maitland Hospital, NSW); Professor Thomas E. Shaffer (Dept of Paediatrics, Ohio State University); Dr Farquhar Fraser (Microbiological Laboratories, Dept of Public Health, NSW); R.S.F. Hennessey (Therapeutic Research Division, Wellcome Foundation Ltd, London); Professor Stuart Mudd (Dept of Microbiology, University of Pennsylvania); Dr Ian MacLean Smith (State University of Iowa); Dr Ralph A. Vogel (Principal Scientist, Veterans Administration, Atlanta); Dr J. Tonge (Department of Health and Home Affairs, Queensland); Dr Gunnar Laurell (Bakteriologiska Institutionen, Uppsala); Glen Buckle (Bacteriology Dept, Alfred Hospital, Melbourne); Sr Fay Marsden (Sterilising Research and Advisory Council of Australia); Dr W. Meyer (Institut fur experimentelle Epidemiologie, Wernigeröde, East Germany).

Creator Phyllis Margaret Rountree
Date range 1949 - 1970    Quantity 1 cm,
Formats General Correspondence
Inventory Identifier 2-4 Series 2
2-5 Correspondence - miscellaneous

Inwards and outwards general correspondence, on topics including: phage typing, haemolytic streptococci, requests for reprints. Also includes: paper - C. Ruthven B. Blackburn and PMR 'Studies of Chronic (Non-tuberculous) Lung disease in New Guinea Populations: the Nasal Flora of Highland People', and rejection letter from American journal Archives of Environmental Health; reprint - PMR, Mary A. Beard, John Loewenthal, James May, & S.B. Renwick 'Staphylococcal Sepsis in a New Surgical Ward', British Medical Journal 21/1 1967,1,132-137; photocopy - Instruction Manual for the Identification of Enterobacteriaceae; copy of report - W. Kohler Second International Survey of the Distribution of Serotypes of Streptococcus pyogenes (group A Streptococci).

Creator Phyllis Margaret Rountree
Date range 1968 - 1970    Quantity 1 cm,
Formats General Correspondence, Published Papers or Articles and Photocopied Documents
Inventory Identifier 2-5 Series 2
2-6 'Misc. correspondence'

Inwards and outwards correspondence. Includes: letter from Nancy Atkinson (Dept of Bacteriology, University of Adelaide) proposing formation of a professional association of Australian microbiologists; letter from PMR to Board of Directors, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, detailing her trip of June-July 1966 to Israel, Italy and India and to the IXth Congress of Microbiology in Moscow; thesis report by PMR; letters from PMR to Dr M.T. Parker (Central Public Health Laboratory, London), describing findings from trips to New Guinea and Central Australia; correspondence between PMR and Dr W.C. Noble regarding biography of Leonard Colebrook, and the text of PMR's recollections of Colebrook; general correspondence between PMR and colleagues in Australia, USA, Britain, Japan, Malaysia, Korea. Also includes: suggested Human Adaptability programme for central Australia and New Guinea; paper by Elizabeth H. Asheshov and Joan E. Rippon, 'Changes in Typing Pattern of Phage-Type 80 Staphylococci'; table entitled 'A Survey of Staphylococcal Infections of the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissues in General Practice in Australia (1958)'.

Creator Phyllis Margaret Rountree
Date range 1958 - 1970    Quantity 3 cm,
Formats General Correspondence, Numeric Data and Drafts
Inventory Identifier 2-6 Series 2
2-7 Correspondence - miscellaneous.

Inwards and outwards correspondence regarding book reviews, PMR's contribution to the Bicentennial History of Australian Science, and PMR's membership of the WHO Expert Advisory Panel on Bacterial Diseases. Also includes: paper by PMR, 'The Pasteur Institute and Australia'; reprint, Everitt G. D. Murray 'Reflections on Clinical Bacteriology', New York State Journal of Medicine, vol 62 no 4, Feb 1962; copies of book reviews by PMR.

Creator Phyllis Margaret Rountree
Date range 1962 - 1986    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Formats General Correspondence and Published Papers or Articles
Inventory Identifier 2-7 Series 2

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