Series 5 - Other Meetings

Date Range1905 - 1913
ProvenanceAlbert Cherbury David Rivett

Programmes, publications, lists, reports, lectures, invitations, circulars, photographs, postcards, memoranda, timetable

Inventory Listing

5-1 Birmingham Meeting- circulars

Includes "Local Programme", "List of Members and Associates", "Journal of Sectional and Other Proceedings", invitation, "List of Hotels and Apartments", "Sectional Transactions", "Supplementary List of Members and Associates", "Annual members Invitation Circular", "Life Members Invitation Circular", "Programme of Excursions, Entertainments & c"

Creator Albert Cherbury David Rivett
Date range 1913    Quantity 3 cm,
Inventory Identifier 5-1 Box Number 7 Series 5
5-2 Information about other meetings

Includes Report of Citizens' Lectures Committee, Birmingham Meeting 1913; instructions from O.J.R. Howarth regarding Birmingham Meeting; notes on South African Meeting

Creator Albert Cherbury David Rivett
Date range 1913    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier 5-2 Box Number 7 Series 5
5-3 South African Meeting (circulars and lists)

Includes: list of lectures; "Cape Town Address Book"; "Johannesburg Address Book"; tickets to Official Party and Presidential Address; "Visit of British Association 1905, Pietermaritzburg"; list of invited guests; member's ticket; lady's ticket; member's voucher; associate's ticket; order form for South African Album; "The Bearing of Engineering on Mining"- lecture by J.B. Porter; list of overseas and local members and associates; "Zum Tafelberg und Drakenstein", offprint from Globus, German periodical 12 July 1906; "Third Annual Meeting of the South African Association for the Advancement of Science", "Synopsis of Grants", "Journal of Sectional Proceedings", office holders of sections; invitation circulars; Central Executive Committee circulars

Creator Albert Cherbury David Rivett
Date range 1905    Quantity 4 cm,
Inventory Identifier 5-3 Box Number 7 Series 5
5-4 South African Meeting (excursions and programmes)

Includes: "Official Itinerary"; "Objects and work of British Association"; 2 photographs of Bloemfontein; "The Native Dance at Henley"

Creator Albert Cherbury David Rivett
Date range 1905    Quantity 0.2 cm,
Inventory Identifier 5-4 Box Number 7 Series 5
5-5 Winnipeg Meeting (circulars other than excursions)

Includes: invitation; reply postcard; memorandum of tickets sold; synopsis of grants; circular re transport; circular re cables; list of hotels; memorandum for European visitors; letter from Winnipeg local secretaries to H.C. Stewardson; circular on proposed excursion to British Columbia and Alaska; circular announcing Winnipeg meeting; life members' invitation circular; bound file titled "Circulars & c, Assistant Secretary", containing circulars and cuttings from The Times 5 July 1909 and Nature 15 July 1909

Creator Albert Cherbury David Rivett
Date range 1909    Quantity 1.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier 5-5 Box Number 7 Series 5
5-6 Winnipeg Meeting (excursions and programmes)

Includes: "Local Programme"; "Illustrated Biographical Sketches"; "A Visit to Lower Fort Garry"; H.C. Stewardson, honorary membership of Manitoba Club and Winnipeg Library; ticket to Winnipeg Provincial Horticultural Exhibition; circular re visit to Departure Bay Biological Station; Canadian Pacific Railway Company timetable; letter re Western excursion with labels stuck to it; circular re baggage arrangements for Western excursion; Grand Trunk Railway brochure; reprint from the Bulletin of the American Geographical Society, "Diary and Epitome of Programme", "Winnipeg Meeting 1909, With Maps and Illustrations", "List of Members and Associates", "Journal of Sectional Proceedings" #3,4; advertising leaflet for Thomas Cook

Creator Albert Cherbury David Rivett
Date range 1909    Quantity 2 cm,
Inventory Identifier 5-6 Box Number 8 Series 5

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