1 - Alan John (Jock) Marshall

Date Range17 February 1911 - 20 July 1967


- Born 17 February, Sydney, Australia (Childhood spent at Penshurst, a suburb of Sydney)


- Dumbleton Public (State) School


- Kogarah High School


- Lost left arm in a shotgun accident


- Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales (Member)


- Oxford University New Hebrides Expedition (Member, with Dr. John Baker and Tom Harrisson. Explored Espiritu Santo and was in charge of the biological base station.)

- The Sun, Sydney daily newspaper (Features writer)


- The Australian Museum (Honorary ornithologist)

- University of Sydney (Mile walk champion and leader of the Science debating team)


- Mandated and Dutch New Guinea Expedition (Member, doing research and exploration for a British committee?)


- North West Spitsbergen Expedition (Organised and led the first crossing of the North West Peninsula of Spitsbergen)

- The Black Musketeers, the work and adventures of a scientist on a south sea island at war and in peace (Published by William Heinemann Ltd, London)

- While in England he wrote, lectured and made television broadcasts, and he also received a research grant from the Institute for Investigation of Animal Behaviour, London.


- The Men and Birds of Paradise, Journeys through equatorial New Guinea (Published by William Heinemann Ltd, London)

- University of Sydney Biological Society (President)

- Pacific Islands Club, Sydney (President)

- University of Sydney (Undergraduate, completed Chemistry I, Geology I, Zoology I, and Psychology I)

- St. Paul's College, University of Sydney (Tutor)

- ABC (Science Session participant)

- Pacific Islands Club (President)

- University of Sydney (Undergraduate, completed Zoology II, Genetics I and Physiology I)

- The Daily Telegraph (Special writer and principal book reviewer)

Sydney University Science Association publications (Editor)


- University of Sydney, Department of Zoology (Student demonstrator)


- University of Sydney (Undergraduate, completed Zoology III and Physiology II, and qualified for the degree of B.Sc.)


- St Paul's College, University of Sydney (Resident tutor in zoology, and Grainger Post-graduate Scholar)


- St Paul's College, University of Sydney (Acting Sub-Warden Michaelmas term)

- The Daily Mirror (Special writer)

- Hermes Sydney University magazine (Editor)

- Married 10 March, Joy Lyall Wood (One daughter, Nerida. Marriage dissolved 1948)

- Australia Limited (Published)

- Army Education Service

1941-1945 War Service

Commonwealth Military Forces

- Date of first appointment October 1941

- Staff Captain (Education) Lieutenant HQ, 1 Australian Division October-November 1941

- Attached to 1a Eastern Command December 1941 - January 1942

- Attached to 1t HQ First Australian Army January - August 1942

Australian Infantry Forces

- Date of transfer March 1942

- Attached to 1t HQ First Australian Army January-August 1942

- Attached "I" HQ New Guinea Force September 1942 - January 1943

- Liaison Officer HQ 6 Australian Division January 1943 - ?

- Commanded Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols [L.R.R.P.] in the Gulf of Carpentaria and on Cape York Peninsula, 1942

- Sometime Officer commanding "A" Company, 2/2nd Australian Infantry Battalion, A.I.F., 1944

- Australian Imperial Forces Intelligence Corps, 2/2 Infantry Battalion, 16th Brigade, 6th Division, commanded a company, Z Special Unit - Jockforce which went behind enemy lines in New Guinea during the Wewak campaign, 1945


- Testament of Doubt (Published)


- Oxford Exploration Club, Arctic Club (Member)

- Oxford University Jan Mayan Expedition (Leader)


- Royal Geographical Society of London (Back Award "for exploratory and scientific work" in the Arctic, 1947)


- Oxford University (Beit Memorial Research Fellow, D.Phil.)

- Oxford University, Department of Agriculture (Demonstrator in zoology and animal physiology)


- Oxford University (Graduated Doctor of Philosophy in October. Thesis: Studies in the Sexual Periodicity in Vertebrates)


- St. Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College, University of London (Reader in Zoology and Comparative Anatomy)


- Married 13 May, Jane Graham (One son and two daughters)


- Bower Birds - their Displays and Breeding Cycles (Published by Clarendon Press, Oxford)


- American Ornithologist's Union (Corresponding Fellow)


- East African Fisheries Research Organization, Lake Victoria (Visiting scientist, supported by the Colonial Office)


- Oxford University (D.Sc.)

- East African Fisheries Research Organization, Lake Victoria (Visiting scientist, supported by the Colonial Office)


- Royal Australasian Ornithologist's union (Appointed Honorary Fellow)


- University of California (Lida Scott Brown Lecturer)


- Yale University (Trumbull Lecturer)

- Biology and Physiology of Birds (Published by Academic Press, New York)


- Monash University (Foundation Professor of Zoology and Comparative Physiology, Dean of Science)


- A Textbook of Zoology, Volume II (Published by Macmillan and Company)


- Monash University (Naming of the 'Jock Marshall Zoology Reserve')

- Died 20 July, Melbourne, Australia

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