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Title Records of Federation of Asian Chemical Societies
Date Range 1979 - 1992
Extent 1.7 metres (219 items)
Repository The University of Melbourne eScholarship Research Centre
Abstract The Federation of Asian Chemical Societies was originally proposed by UNESCO to the countries in the Asian region which in UNESCO terms, covers an area from New Zealand to Iran. The formation of FACS was heralded as the beginning of a new era of regional cooperation amongst chemical societies and chemists themselves in the Asian Region.

Administrative Information

  • The records have been allocated to 9 series. The codes used to uniquely identify each series range from FACSS001 to FACSS009.

  • Through the processing of the records, 2 provenance entities were identified. The codes used to uniquely identify each provenance entity, i.e. records creator or custodian, range from FACSP01 to FACSP02.

  • The inventory covers 219 items, and may include records of continuing value, records sentenced for destruction and records that have been destroyed. The codes used to uniquely identify each inventory item range from FACS0001 to FACS0219. The total collection occupies 170 linear cm of shelf space (or its equivalent).

  • The documentation of the records at inventory level started on 6 October 1994. The latest additions were made on 9 November 1994. The latest modifications were made on 15 January 2004. This collection profile was updated on 8 November 2007.

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Listed by Gavan McCarthy, Rod Buchanan and Lisa Cianci, with Lisa O'Sullivan
HTML edition Ailie Smith
Updated 8 November 2007

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