Series 16 - Aeronautical Publications

Date Range1940s - 1977
ProvenanceLawrence Percival Coombes

Include booklets, reprints and articles on Aeronautical subjects.

Inventory Listing

16-1 Booklets

Aeronautical booklets including: An Album of Aeroplanes (Civil), John Player & Son; The Battle of Britain, August - October 1940, published by HMSO, London; NASA, Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California; British Aircraft, published by The Society of British Aircraft Constructors, 1945.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1940s    Quantity 1.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00410 Box Number 29 Series 16
16-2 Journals, Lectures & Memoranda

File includes: official opening address given at the Institute of Aerophysics, University of Toronto, 1950; Australian Aeronautics, 1927 - 1977, published by RAS, Melbourne; Memorandum by Sir Morien Morgan, 'Perring - the Man', RAE (1976); the Lawrence Hargrave Memorial Lecture given by R.R. Shaw, 'The International Airlines in a Changing World' (1972). Also includes Journal reprints of LPC articles: 'The Coming of Age of Aeronautical Research in Australia', The Journal of the Institution of Engineers, Australia, 1963; 'Operational Requirements for Aircraft in Australian Territories', Journal of the RAS, 1960. (Duplicates of reprints elsewhere in the collection.)

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1950 - 1977    Quantity 2 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00408 Box Number 29 Series 16
16-3 Magazine articles and photocopies

Includes photocopies of articles from miscellaneous aeronautical magazines and newsletters, such as Aviation Week & Space Technology. Also includes full page clippings from British and American magazines on aeronautical subjects.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1943 - 1975    Quantity 0.12 cm,
Formats News Clippings and Photocopied Documents
Inventory Identifier COOM00416 Box Number 29 Series 16
16-4 'Papers About Kingsford-Smith'

Assorted papers about aviator, Charles Kingsford-Smith. Includes a draft of an article entitled 'Barnstorming with Charles Kingsford-Smith' by LPC. Also includes photographs and negatives, correspondence, and a news clipping.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1919? - c. 1985    Quantity 2 cm, 1 folder
Formats General Correspondence, Drafts, News Clippings, Photographic Film Negatives, Loose Photographic Prints and Photographic Transparencies
Inventory Identifier COOM00414 Box Number 33 Series 16

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