Series 5 - 1919-1940

Date Range1919 - 1984
ProvenanceLawrence Percival Coombes

Series contains aeronautical reports and articles, and engineering notes and blueprints.

Inventory Listing

5-1 Notebook

Levels taken for Hyde Park Railway, dated 24 November 1919; notes on the manufacture of searchlight mirrors, undated.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1919 - 1932    Quantity 0.2 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00152 Box Number 13 Series 5
5-2 Engineering Notes & Blueprints - Manufacture of Glass Reflectors

Originally in C.A. Parsons folder. Engineering notes and blueprints. Includes: Blueprint drawing for Grinding Machine; the Mollier Diagram of the Properties of Steam according to Callendar, 1921, marked 'In use till April 1924'); Particulars of Blading of Turbines (C.A. Parsons & Co, Ltd); Plan of Suggested Layout of 9' x 7' Wind Tunnel; typescript of report by LPC, 'Manufacture of Glass Reflectors'.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1921 - 1940    Quantity 1.8 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00153 Box Number 13 Series 5
5-3 'The measurement of torque grading along an airscrew blade'

Paper for the Aeronautical Research Committee by G.P. Douglas and LPC. Also includes blueprints.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range June 1925    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00154 Box Number 13 Series 5
5-4 Aeronautical Research Committee Reports and Memoranda

Includes: B.D. Clark, LPC, H. Glauert, A.S. Hartshorn, 'Lift and drag of Junkers Monoplane. Comparison of model with full scale results,' ARC, Reports & Memoranda, no.945, November 1924; LPC, A.S. Crouch, 'The accelerations of a Fairey "Flycatcher" Seaplane during acrobatic manoeuvres', ARC Reports & Memoranda, no.1288, April 1929; LPC, R.K. Cushing, 'Lift and drag of Blackburn "Iris" ', ARC Reports & Memoranda, no.1354, May 1929; H.M. Garner, LPC, 'The determination of the water resistance of seaplanes', ARC Reports & Memoranda, no. 1289, October 1929; LPC, R.H. Read, 'Effect of Lateral Stabilizers on Take-off of a Flying Boat', ARC Reports & Memoranda, no.1411, October 1930; LPC, 'Anchors for use on flying boats', ARC Reports & Memoranda, no.1449, May 1931.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range November 1924 - May 1931    Quantity 0.9 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00155 Box Number 13 Series 5
5-5 Miscellaneous Aeronautical Reports & Articles

From envelope labelled 'Aero Reports', material includes: Article by LPC, 'The Hull-less Flying-boat', The Aeroplane; Annual Report of ARL for 1963 - 1964, recording retirement of LPC as Chief Superintendant; 'Crossing the Pacific, The Flight of the Southern Cross 1928', booklet on mementoes from the Crome Collection of the National Library of Australia, 1978; photocopy of article on John Scholes, 'Progress Chaser', New Scientist, 2 February 1978, annotated by LPC, 'Was at ARL in Wind Tunnel'; LPC article, 'Research in the RAE Tank', The Journal of the RAE, vol.39 no.297, September 1935. Also includes typed copy of Address by Prof A.R. Collar given at Memorial Service for Sir Harry Garner at St Paul's Cathedral, London, 27 October 1977; black and white photograph captioned by LPC '3 Chief Defence Scientists - Wills, Butement & Farrands'; 3 photocopies of cartoon (?by LPC) satirising the Australian Coat of Arms; news clipping of presentation of James N. Kirby medal to LPC, Sydney Morning Herald , 11 November 1959.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1935 - 1978    Quantity 2 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00156 Box Number 13 Series 5
5-6 Assorted Oddments

Includes: Letter to J.R. Coombes from Herbert Jackson re LPC's appointment to C.A. Parsons & Co.; Tables for article 'Innovations in Primary Industry 1970-1975, 1976-1985'; Mileage notes, London to Oxford by Uxbridge; Flight Itinerary, 1964; Menu for Jo Coombes.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1920 - 1985    Quantity 0.3 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00157 Box Number 13 Series 5

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